Zero is a badars / Gameplay

Just looking at his loading screen.


Gift from Silver.

He’s planning to make a cute video so let’s see how that goes.

Video Demonstration by ZeroZagna



/Kira Edit

added video

i cant patch due to very slow movement of it =w=

32 thoughts on “Zero is a badars / Gameplay

  1. What a badass pose
    And he is ready to kickass as a green ranger

    Least to say his 2nd job should cover up the weakness of his 1st job

    • And his 3rd job will be like Zero from Code Geass. Rule Brittania and all that.

      • His mask is way to far from Lelouch’s Zero Mark. :3

        It would only be the Black Knight’s Goggles for third job. Only colored green. :3

  2. Yay!!! my video is up. It took me like 3 hours to make that video -__- making fraps work and THE PATCH WAS SO SLOW -__-

  3. special wise he didnt get that much abyss looks pretty good but other than that nothing much there but his buffs are awesome better mobility finally he can dash in ss his offensive stance looks good now he has a critical and double attack thank god im gonna be ready for this when it comes out in NA im hoping to get him to atleast 50 right now hes 40

  4. About Craver after trying it : I am disappoint
    Poison Force = Fire Force. SERIOUSLY.
    Abyss = Sweet but bugged right now.
    Amid = Wannabe God Mode. You can walk around in Sword Stance but that’s all.
    Offensive Stance = Crap. Weaker than Sword Stance , no Jump Slice or Walk Speed Up and AP consumption is doubled (all APs on a single Gash or Abyss). The dash is barely worth it.
    Best thing about Craver right now : Hawt looks. Seriously. Also a good new form of Loss.

    • There is a small difference between Poison and Fire force.

      Fire Force knocks down the opponent while Poison Force doesn’t.

      The burning damage of Fire force lasts more than Poison Force’s poisoning damage, though the poisoning effects are slightly more effective.

      So to sum it all up. Poison Force is like Fire Force except with short duration of poison damage but with a slightly strong damage than Fire Force’s burning effect.

  5. Can he stack up Wanderer Skills with Craver Skills? Like Dio? Cause I miss Bleeding Gash TT

  6. I wish the LS could be downloadable :D Nice skills…. Now i’m kinda confused if will i still be sticking with Mari or Zero. XD

  7. OH JESUS now his weapon changes like dio and he has mari like W.D.W (in a skill form) and he also has ronans sword stinger o-x

  8. About 6 months you ppl will see me on tv as the inventor of the time machine. then they will ask me on tv ‘What was the inspiration of your creation?’ and i’ll say ‘CRAVEHH!’

  9. Craver is just ultimate char…ultimate defense and offense >.>

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