[NAGC] Grand Chase Chaos Announcement

Cion here with breaking news for NAGC~!
Rejoice or not, NAGC will now be getting the Chaos patch soon


Sidescrolling free-to-play games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the genre has enjoyed something of a renaissance in recent years. Grand Chase is hoping to stand out a bit more from the crowd, however, with the game’s upcoming major content update. Rebranding the game as Grand Chase Chaos, the update comes hand-in-hand with many of the features one would expect to see for a large patch, including the almost mandatory level cap increase along with some more unique features.

The more fundamental changes to gameplay will come from allowing players to equip two weapons at once, as well as the new Fusion system to allow combining two items into a new one. Monster AI is also being improved to be more challenging, while dungeon flow is getting streamlined and rewards are being better displayed. SG Interactive is planning to release a trailer highlighting the changes in a week, but until then, we have a gallery including a few as-yet-unseen pieces of concept art.

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  1. Ahhh…Ellia revamp is already included in the Chaos patch…no wonder it took so long. Same thing here in PH…Atum/Alcubra has been patched for months, but has taken no effect in the game.

  2. Oh yeah…if one looks carefully at the image of Void/Duel and Lass, you can see that blood was removed from the original image.

    • judging by this weeks event, it should come next week, or at least a teaser/filler related to it lol

  3. on behalf of the Filipinos who have a rowdy behavior on mocking ur faces that we’re going to have chaos first, I would like to apologize to everyone in NAGC and advance Congratulations to you guys ^^ Hope GCChaos will arrive sooner in your server :D

    • I didn’t mean not all us Filipinos, I meant the Filipinos whom I saw posting some in NAGC’s FB page, kinda.. well.. Nakakahiya(embarassing) in our part -.-

  4. fusion system??
    any1 can bring a link to c a pic or a video showing dat system??

      • Wrong. The avatar system is when you take one item from your inventory, use an avatar ticket, and then it turns into an avatar item. Avatar items DO NOT add additional stats. They just give you style.

  5. It looks like the filler patches have been justified, then. You win this time, SGI. D:<

  6. Wait a second, im concerned about something, in one of the pictures of GCC Ellia map we dont see any of the hero dungeons…are they gone in GCC??

    • oh wait never mind, didnt noticed that the ellia map was in Champion mode, and in Champion mode the hero dungeons are not displayed on the map.

      Still i have a question about the equipping 2 weapons at once thing…is it Cash or you can do this for free? i think i heard something about Cash involved in this.

      • it is cash, but I head that there is also a gp mission for it, where you have to kill a given amount of monsters in a set amount of time (idk how much is through of it, maybe there’s something true in it)

        • From what i know, you need a key to unlock 2 weapons for each character which will cost cash, but as with skill keys you will probably be able to get them from events, it jsut wont be very easy :P
          I THINK thats how it works, someone correct me if im wrong though ^^

          • The mission to get a weapon key :

            Kill 1000 monsters within 3 levels of yours. Any dungeon.

            (Means if you’re Lv 37 , you can do a Lv 40 dungeon as well as a Lv 34 dungeon to get these drops.)

            The price of the key is (on KGC) 3000 cash.

            The key to change weapon (only in dungeon) is Shift. 1 sec cooldown. You need to stay still on ground (no air dashing with Spearmaiden through a clever change) to switch.

            GG SGI. You missed out on making some more money by releasing the Avatar system WITH Chaos instead of BEFORE Chaos. “Join the game , give us money.”

          • Btw…anyone noticed that there is someone giving random thumbs down to everyone?
            someone is not happy with NA having this announcement? lol

          • Which is why I don’t support comment rating in the first place. Someone can make a good point but have it hidden due to people who disagree (which is not what the system is for. It’s to help point out really good points and eliminate trash comments, like “OMGNOSIEG7THAGAIN!??!?!”) or trolls thinking the little red thumbs are a sort of ego/insult in some manner or another.

  7. Ah finally somethign new, i have a reason to start playing again now lol.
    Im looking forward to seeing how the monster AI will be improved, perhaps dungeons will actually be challenging now XD

    • The dungeons remains extremely easy until Xenia. Soloing takes ages now because the monsters have a lot more HPs. (20 mins at Hammer’s Reach 1 star with a lv 72 Craver.)

      • Bleh that sucks lol.
        Giving monsters more hp does not make it harder, just even more slow and grindy than it already is >_> I was hoping by improved AI they meant that the monsters would actually be harder to fight not jsut slower to kill XD
        Ill stick to pvp still then lol

  8. Like anvenjade said, the dugeons stay easy until xenia. Aton bosses are more hard now…
    Oh, the amount of EXP the missions gives increased a lot!

  9. I think that most of u have seen this but…….mari is in kastulle upper floor?????!!!!!!!, in KGC I havn´t seen that ._. or well a video with it xD, If someone can do a video 4 me plix xD
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand cool, NAGC is finally getting to the chaos xD

    • Suggesting MarixsSieg imo

      and about… fricking… time…

      nothing but fillers for a month and now we got something worth while imho.

    • Because they hate her and shes never getting a 4th class >_<
      *runs and crys in a corner*

  10. Seems like we’re going to get more fillers since they’re bringing back the Abingdon SB according to the Facebook page…

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