[NAGC] 6/13/12, Asin entirely here!

Ello folks, Cion here with the update no one cares about for this week maybe!
Oh by the way, they changed the login screen with Asin on it.

And now also presenting the new VIP pet, Rissa.

Just for 70k spent cash points in 3 weeks, this lovely pet will be yours~!


Patch Notes


* New Character – Asin

– A new character has been added: Asin – The Disciple.
– Players will receive exclusive rewards for reaching milestone levels during release event period. (6/14 – 7/10)
– Playing as or with Asin will grant a 30% EXP boost in dungeons and PvP (6/14 – 6/26)
– GP Mission will be added during June 19th’s maintenance.

* Boss Gate: Back with a Vengeance! Part 4

– New Rewards for Champion Mode have been added to the regions of Alcubra and Archimedia.
– For a limited time, get double credit towards Champion Mode Crests on the continents of Alcubra and Archimedia. (6/14 ~ 6/19)
– Monster Card drops on Champion Mode have been doubled on Alcubra and Archimedia during the event period. (6/14 ~ 6/19)

* New VIP Rewards! (6/14 ~ 7/3)

– New Pet reward is available in the VIP Rewards menu.
– Cash points spent during this event will earn you credit towards unlocking bonus reward.


– [Cash] Asin Mission
– [Upgrade] Operation: Code 0 (100 Times)
– Thunder Hammer (500 Times)
– Kung Shot (500 Times)
– Unlimited Kicks (500 Times)


– Thunder Hammer (100 Times)
– Kung Shot (100 Times)
– Unlimited Kicks (100 Times)


Spend a qualifying amount of cash points during this special VIP event and get an exclusive reward! Just find the VIP Reward button under the Menu to see what’s in store for our VIPs!


Leveling Up with Asin!
-insert blank page here-
Seriously, they didn’t put up the page yet so theey left it blank for now…

During this event only, get twice the credit for clearing a Champion Mode dungeon on Alcubra and Archimedia and earn your crests that much faster!



To cash or not to cash…that is the question…

38 thoughts on “[NAGC] 6/13/12, Asin entirely here!

  1. The new pet also has her upgraded skill for cash 800 [100 Times] (kind of a rip of to me >>)

  2. We now how to wait another freaking week to unlock Asin? When I first saw his teaser I was like, “Cool Asin comes out next week.” One week later. “A 2 week teaser? Wow. -_-”
    Today, “WTF WE HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK. For a GP mission which would probably take so long to unlock too. -Rage

    • If Nagc would get GP Mission For Azin (if)for the next 2weeks… Nagc would be the First Server to have Gp Mission of Him… :<

      • and I really hopes the GP mission will reach the others servers!

        I am really worried on LAGC now. Axeso is more money-eating than SGI, and the idea they will bring Azin’s as only-cash char is scary … the excuse of “no gp mission” will be their answer [and for now, is real!!] and of course, they will not move their asses to “fix” for the non-cashers players.

        • well but i did not get asin in KGC… well i think is because i didnt log in for a longggg time… and theres no mission of him in shop and the character is locked…. im screwed D:

  3. lol i knew he’d have a gp mission XD sry y’all who wanted him cash only. hes cool and all. but, i see myself getting bored like lv 25 as i did with rin, and i love rin. but, with no 2nd job theres nothing to work for.

    chars are cool and all. but, we NEED job upgrades ley, zero, rin (wtf happened to her 2nd job concept art?), and now asin. also dungeons and story. event dungeons get old. kog, put that effort in some new regular dungeons. lol alcubra has been abandoned.

    and update ronan, lass, ryan, amy, jin, seig, mari. their cut in art (except geas) looks so outdated and cartoony when playing with dio-asin.

      • Actually, Asin is pretty much like Rufus, you have a ST that goes along with something ‘new’ every 8 lvls (unlike every 4 like Rufus) except you don’t have job change missions…
        Rin tires people because she is very limited and doesn’t have a ST…
        Asin, without ST, still has a lot more to do than Rin…

        • And you are dead wrong about that. He gets two ST points every level since since all things except doors need 8 points its something new every four levels like Rufus.

  4. My first time cashing ever on Grand Chase… and I don’t think I could’ve picked a better thing to cash. XD

    • rika ( or rissa )
      without her cash skill operation code 0 is almost useless…
      ( but i must admit her cash skill is power full, yet the GP is not even better than goldy attack )

  5. Any videos on the new pet? I’m getting her since I will be spending exactly 70 bucks on Asin this week.

  6. The want even more money eh?

    … Why can’t they FOR ONCE!! Make an event that doesn’t require cash at all -.-“

    • Yeah I know .___. I mean I understand this is a free game and they need to raise money and all that good fun stuff but seriously there’s a time and place for cash events, but we don’t need to have them every single patch. xD

  7. Can anyone with Asin show the shop to show his equip sets? I want to know if his regular Disciple set (blue) is for sale.

    • I’ve checked and it’s not there nor there isn’t anything for him in Coordishop.

      • Wow, that’s crazy. I don’t like that red one for him nor do I want to spend that much money (at the moment) to get his Cash mission just to get to have that Disiple look. Thanks for the reply, Cion.

        • the blue set is a 14 days limited fusion set which auto added when you unlock asin. thats how i got minds.

  8. FOR ME,i think it is better if they are having a clock event to get a free cash mission. And i think it is alright to have a hard mission coz, it is a universal system. MP+AP eh? And also they must focused in the other jobs of AP chars.
    GCPH APRIL -MAY 2011
    Me:WoW. Dio comes in our server.
    I think JUNE-AUGUST 2011
    Me:Woow. Second job of dio comes in our server.

    JUNE 2012
    Me:oh shit,at last 3rd job comes in our server.almost 1 year when 2nd job comes around here in PH.
    *celebrates,1st year anivversary of coming of dio’s second job :D*
    Yeah,that’s what you call TIME GAP.

  9. so desperate when asin really turn into cash character. and no GP mission? making me more desperate T_T

  10. Rika was a bad pet, why they put it in VIP pet? -.-
    and Where Asin [GP] Mission OAO

  11. well, in rissa/ rika origin country, Indonesia (that also my country.)
    we only get it on mary event. but why in NAGC it’s expensive??

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