La Gaes 2 Scanlated~<3!

Oh god I actually cried at this.
Oh yeah, I also had a hard time scanlating this as well, so don’t be surprised if there were a few errors or something.


97 thoughts on “La Gaes 2 Scanlated~<3!

  1. What i think about mari’s going to say is take care..
    it seems mari is super old been living for hundred of years
    and maybe she seen sieg growth /progression during those
    time what i mean during the God times in Xenia continent
    where sieg almost die yet given immortality by the Xenia God’s.
    Its like Great Great Gran Granny relationshipXD

    And maybe Mari 4th job will be delay for another year because 3rd job of the 3 demons will be prioritizeXD LoL…so I guess time travelling of Mari will be long :c

    • It’s already scheduled to be released on 25/08, and i really doubt it’ll be delayed.

  2. any1 think that the thing of the last pic (i think is mari’s earring) gonna do ??? i think it a item that arme could use to track mari or something like that xD

    • Well, that’s nice, but i really think they will NOT take her back.
      She’ll back soon, but for her, it’ll be years.

  3. Mari you tease, just tell Sieg that you love him, on topic though Y U NO HAVE 4th OUT YET D:

  4. (T^T) MARI!! xo sad about wat happen to her…and her story is getting more….
    interesting……but still sad..Q_Q

  5. I know what Mari wanted to tell Sieghart.
    She wanted to tell him that his ST is no match for her 4th job, but she wanted to keep it a secret anyway LOL.
    -facepalm- lame me.

  6. I think those are Earrings that seighart gave to her, sweet romance! she was suppose to say to seighart instead of saying “nevermind”, “I love you” Dx no mari!!!!!

  7. I know what’s next!
    She’s going to be a witch because her soul gem is uncleaned.
    Kyubey tricked her.

    Don’t mind me if you haven’t watch Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.

  8. @Cross: hey dud it GC not meduka . If kyubey was in GC i think it will be a good boxing bags

  9. I THINKING WHEN MARI SAID ” Sieghart ” and then ”nevermind” I THINK THAT .. if you scroll down >:c She say ”You may forget me…” I may not exist anymore” ”But even so…I hope that I still have a place in your heart” I THINK SHE WAS TRYING SAY THAT TO SIEGHART. but instead she said”nevermind”.

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