[ KGC ] New Character Update : Lime

Lime Trial Forest Starting Story

New Gacha/Seal Breaker Cordelia [ Armor Set Preview ]

Shadowexe Video

KR Voice Update


Practice Mode LS

Loading Screen

New Gacha Armor and Accessories

Card Update for Lime
Epic Grade – HP Drain

Legend Grade – Skill Attack

Lime Armor and 2P Armor Set


Skill Set

Lime Armors


Other Stuffs will be updated Stay Tune
– Kira

110 thoughts on “[ KGC ] New Character Update : Lime

  1. If she can’t do “Jump”(an attack in which players nearby have to avoid damage by jumping because of the shock produced by hitting the ground) attacks similar to Anmon Guards…
    I won’t even try to unlock her.
    Just kidding, I want every, single Grand Chase Character in existence!(Except for Nina. I’m glad KOG’ didn’t make her a character. If they do, I will be forced to unlock her, xD!)
    When I get back on GCPH, that is.

    • Why would she start at that level? I saw a player do a gameplay of her in Trial Forest.
      Dio, I think, is the only character that starts at a higher level.

      • She doesn’t come at level 20, whoever told you that you should hit with a shovel.

    • I think the Lv 20 in the corner is for the Armor set that comes with her through the event. Like how you got the Red Fox set if you cashed Asin at release.

  2. All the breasted non-sense I posted earlier aside. Is this gonna be another Asin type thing where its only free for a limited time or does Lime actually have a gp mission?

  3. LOL let me guess she is a cash only character too?

    pfft. SOOOOOOOOOOOOoo glad I am only playing elsword now. NA GC will most likely be over soon.

    • Yes because Elsword is so much better where you have to spend real money on skills you actually need to be viable in pvp or pve. At least NA GC hasn’t gone that route….. yet

      • umm…. You dont have to spend RL money on skills if you’re talking about the locked skills, you can do quests for them. Elsword doesn’t require RL money in order to succeed in the game (unlike grand chase) just about nearly everything can be bought with the In game currency(“ED”) as Elsword has the Marketplace system which people can sell cash Costumes (there is no cash armor in Elsword) and Cash Accessories. If anything cash stuff is merely a luxury where the core things you need to succeed in elsword are all within the game and require no cash. (I.E. Crafting, Magic stones, Elshards.)

        I’ve played GC for far longer than I have played Els and I can say Elsword is doing a better job with it’s gaming system as Elsword isn’t a pay to win game like GC. Els is more of a “Pay2lookFABULOUS~”

        Also All characters are available to create on the spot and do not require to spend cash or spend time grinding for an In-Game quest >w> (Although the max default character creations is 3, max per server is 9 of which you need to buy +1 character slot items of which are only 3 bucks a piece)

        • My chung is capped. working on elsword now. Whats your name in game. Id love to add you.

        • Really? Because last time I played Elsword in order to get a Skill for my Eve it required something from the cash shop, Skill note or notebook or something.

          • The skillnote book is not needed for your locked skills it just enhances this should you wish too using cash. However cash is only needed for enhancing the locked skills, there are still plenty of other skills that you are better off enhancing that you can again get with the in game money. I personally feel that only a few of the cash notes are worth it, I’ve only bought one anyway for my RS It cost me less than it would to ride a bus.

  4. This is probably just me but when I saw her armors, (Lime and 2P) it reminded me of Saber and Dark Saber from Fate/Stay Night.

  5. I have a couple of questions…

    Does she have a natural MP recovery(kinda like AP)? or do all MP/AP Hybrids work like that?

    And do the character stories appear everytime you use the character in trial forest? Or is it just a 1 time thing?

  6. I know this has nothing to do with lime but I need an answer.. Does thanatos has higher drop rate for rutherfor/astaroth jr pet?

    • based from my experience, i would say yes. i can also say that ores have 100% drop rate in the last dungeons of continents (Victor’s, BfB, FoA, etc)(im assuming that u also noticed this too since u asked the question) so i guess it is safe to assume that pets also have a higher drop rate at those dungeons. :)

  7. to um the retards who said she’s cash only. If you’d look you can see her Mission orbs. .-.

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