[KGC] Mari’s Memories – Scanlated!

I think we all know what’s happening right now…
Mari is turning into SAILOR MOON LOL

But in all srsness, this comic was unbelievably hard to Translate. Don’t be surprised if I get anything wrong.

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    • After that Geas thing, it said: 00. Kakseong I can read it but I DON’T KNOW THE HECK WHAT IT MEANS.

    • Come to think of it, heterochromia, “C.C.”, “LA GEAS”…
      this is definitely code geass.

      sieg-p.k. from ff7
      Mari 1st job 2nd skill cam from bulma(dragon ball) uhm ortable capsule thing that turns into technology..

      Mari 3rd job 2nd skill- FULL METAL ALECHEMIST(er ehem let’s add brotherhood) Pride(The “son” of king bradley).

      Keroro pet- sgt. keroro(“Keroro gunsou”) main character from a comedy series.
      Naruto set (A last event i saw kgc released a lot of set items which is inspired from naruto, female characters get’s sakura’s outfit)

      Anything i missed?

  1. LOL,the next comic about Mari’s 4th I can already see Arme being freaked out by Mari’s sudden awaken from her faint lol

    Also,if that is a geneological tree,and Mari’s symbol is on top,it’s almost safe to say that Mari IS infact a goddess, she started it ALL! :O
    Can’t wait till next week,since 11 august we have a “top secret” that may be Mari ST

    • … To be continued …

      – COMING SOON –
      2011. 08. 25

      [Probably the war. Kou nad explosion. Soul Stone. Elyos vs combat skills. Marie’s awakening]

      [August update, complete with goals in development Marie Updated schedules are subject to change]

      [Set ID] Gunslinger Go]
      [Set ID] Polaris more]
      [Set ID] Clermont Bible more]

      [Grand Chase Summer nonstop relay Update

      [2011. 08. 04 Guild]

      [2011. 08. 11 Top Secret]

      [2011. 08. 25 3rd + Top Secret]

      The legend continues

      Grand Chase SAGA is Continued

      Grand Chase, along with the fun enjoy the day ~:)

      [Grand Chase link]

  2. LOL wait why is mari naked and wheres all the stuff that she has?! o_O i didn’t know that mari was as flat as an ironing board o_O lol cool that she remembers though =D

    … the fact that she was naked kinda just put me off >.< imean Whats gotten into KGC!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Censored of course. They could’ve either cut off everything from her shoulders down, or just generalize her form like that. Oh well…

    • Dude, stop staring at her body, If you are a huge perv. go scatter at some fan-service Japanese anime shows..

      Most of the readers here are into the story.. And Mari being naked is just like showing her should…(i suppose she’s upside down because it connects the bottom part of when she suddenly woke up)

  3. Mari is sexy… Mine is 75 right now, this has inspired me to level her to 80.

    • Ugh. You don’t need to boast that because level 75s are to common nowadays. Pshh.

  4. I really think that mari destroyed Kounat, if not that then war? eaither one dosnt matter mari is a bad ass all the way! ^^

  5. bricks have been shitted upon reading that, i wonder how many people r going to switch to mari as their main

  6. *looks at last picture*

    … Why do I have this sudden urge to buy my Mari a Polaris Avatar set?

  7. The last picture just reminds me of the ‘beginning’ of blazblue with whats said to be the destruction of a city.

    Just wanna hope that Mari is gotta be something like Nu-13 or Mu-12 which involves summoning swords or orbs.

    • Too much Blazblue info, non BB fans(yet?) doesn’t know what you’re talking about..

      Enough said. And get a Mari 1st, 2nd job you’ll see her summon a sword and “orbs”…(Have you been playing MARI?)

  8. Did she purposely destroyed Kounat or an accident from… I don’t know, her “repeated mistakes” or experiments???

    Wait so their 1st job ST are more superior than their 4th job? Seeing Sieghart is always in his ST set (including Arme in this one… I think). <<< Le Slow

  9. no i things its maris evil twin or something that looks like her mybe a new boss after the ruins of kounant

  10. After the “All of my memories part, the unscanlated parts said:

    Baleudinaleu(Baldinar!), Majok, Madonjeonjaeng and Elunasiseuseuwihameo :O

  11. Mari turns into a super killing machine and sword and missiles every were lol and huge lazser Bemas would be niceness and robot Giants summons

  12. “is that me?” (looking at the epic picture)

    Damm awesome, I can’t wait for her 4th job and the back story as well.

    • Face it(lol), it’s part of the image and so the story which shows her “soul” being merged? With the stone.. If you’re used to watching anime, this is VERY COMMON..

      A-about the naked stuff.

      • Well,i watch anime…It isnt like naked transformations ( LIKE COMMON MAGICAL GIRL TRANSFORMATIONS) but it’s part of a back story~ ( Wut about the random hot spring/shower and perverted mishaps )
        And..thanks…i have a manga project to do

  13. ok so i was reading the other commenst ppl left n here. Im glad im not the only one that thought it looked like she single handily destroyed Kounat.

  14. Maybe she’s a goddess who destroyed kounat??And
    Could her weapon be a Book like 1stJob i saw one of the comments saying mari’s job then in the last phrase of that comment,i saw CLEREMONT BIBLE or somethin’ could that be her 4th job weapon? so xcited be NAGC will change LA GEAS =)))) Mari Ming Onette RULES!!

  15. Talk about her main weapon for her 4th job….


    Damned it… Mari could be the imbalance character in the game…
    Thank you Soul Stone… :D Wonder if this will be true.
    Can’t wait to use Soul Stone

  16. Mari is a weapon of destruction thats been used by Dio. Dio has a power to control minds to. right??

    but Mari is an intelligent person so she can remember what she did. right??

  17. Mari and Sieghart are beautiful couple Sieghart had fell in love with Mari while Mari dont know that Sieghart had fell in love with her.

    what a couple <3 <3 .<

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