[INGC] New Server: Ellia, Siren, And More

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Since INGC is getting more crowded, a new server was opened to cope with its growth, Ellia. And finally Amy’s Siren is here, meaning every character available here except Mari has finally gotten their 2nd job change. Purchase Reward Event is back with another tempting prizes. May 20th is INGC’s birthday. Crafting Event is in its 5th week. Anniversary Box and Bingo is still ongoing, with details regarding Bingo can be seen here.

The new server, Ellia, has opened!


New Server Ellia Event
Event Period: May 19th – June 2nd

To welcome the new server, several benefits are in game:

    1. All servers (Kanavan, Serdin, and Ellia) have +30% EXP Bonus on all modes. Specifically Ellia receive extra +5% EXP Bonus AND +5% Mission Item Drop Chance, for a total of +35% EXP Bonus alongside +5% Mission Item Drop Chance.
    2. All players that log in during the event period will receive Ellia Signboard (permanent).


Amy, the divine dancer of Silver Land and everyone’s favorite idol; her dancing not only conveyed the will of the gods but also raised the spirits of tired warriors. As she wandered, searching for the fallen gods of Xenia to deliver to them the will of the rising people, she came across a music spirit and discovered the divine Kleiophone.

The Kleiophone was a tool originally used by high ranking oracles called Sirens to convey to the gods the voices and intent of mortals but is now no longer in use. Amy can become a Siren and speak to the hearts of the gods, hastening the search for the gods while at the same time boosting the morale of warriors on the battlefield with her dance and song, using the Kleiophone as a microphone to the world. By singing a song from the heart to the gods, Amy will light up Xenia before it is completely plunged into darkness with her pink-colored hope and lively song and dance.

Event Period: May 19th – June 2nd

Purchase Reward is back. By spending certain amounts of cash, you will receive additional rewards at the end of the event. If you want to burn some cash, this is the right time. Details are below:

1 – 30.000 Cash :

    Black Wings of Destruction (4 days)

30.001 – 55.000 Cash :

    Black Wings of Destruction (7 days) – Blessed Socket x6

55.001 – 80.000 Cash :

    Black Wings of Destruction (14 days) – Blessed Socket x12 – GC Club (7 days)

80.001 – 110.000 Cash :

    Black Wings of Destruction (30 days) – Blessed Socket x18 – GC Club (12 days) – Avatar Coupon x3

110.001 – 140.000 Cash :

    Black Wings of Destruction (perm) – Blessed Socket x18 – GC Club (15 days) – Avatar Coupon x5

140.001++ Cash :

    Black Wings of Destruction (perm) – Blessed Socket x18 – GC Club (15 days) – Avatar Coupon x7 – Kumi Pet Card

FYI Note: 140.000 INGC Cash is around US$15.

Geisha Armor Set
Event Period: May 19th – June 2nd

During the event period, the 3-slotted Geisha Armor Set will be available in the shop for a limited time. They are said to be available only now, and might not be purchasable in the future.

Crafting Event (5th Week)
Event Period: April 19th – June 19th

The crafting event is in its 5th week. And nearing the end of this event, all craft-able items in the past will be available for this week.

Gorgo’s, Heaven’s Guardian, Grand Sage, and Peng-Peng can be crafted any time during the week.

SD Funk Head and SD Toilet Bowl Head can only be crafted at May 20th – 22nd.

As per usual, you need the same previous materials to craft them.

INGC’s Anniversary
May 20th

INGC’s b-day is coming soon, at May 20th. In addition to the Anniversary Box event that’s still ongoing, at May 20th, +100%(!) EXP Bonus will be activated on all servers.
Happy Birthday!

Dat Kumi.

Now, if you’ll excuse me. Because I, Chervil, am going to rip open my purse. Again.

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  1. Happy Birthday INGC! And congratulations too for you growing population and nice rewards like perm items and stuff. ^_^

  2. LoL they celebrate having a new server. While in PH, Nobody cares xD

  3. Wow! And they’ve got Avatar Coupons Already!? Talk about fast action!

  4. lol thx every one for the utterance to ingc
    although we have avatar, we still dont have skill tree and dio,
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