[INGC] Hungry Pet Revolt and More..

Raaawwwwrrrr~ guys!! Emje-noeg’s here :3

Let’s do the update thingy, shall we~

This week we got new event dungeon and more! (by more i mean cash >_>)

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Event Dungeon: Hungry Pet Revolt

Event Period: October 18th – November 1st

Queen of Serdin’s birthday banquet is in trouble! A mysterious Puss In Boot Wannabe swashbuckling feline, Purrthos, is leading the hungry pets in a revolt against the masters who have been depriving them of delicious noms. It’s up to the members of Grand Chase to fend off the attack and save the banquet.

To enter the event dungeon, you must have at least one ticket called Party Invitation . You can get it by combining 3 Party Invitation Fragment. And you can find the fragments by clearing the dungeon. (I don’t know about lv of your character affect the drop rate or not because the website doesn’t specify it).

I don’t have to explain how to play in that event dungeon because I think you all already know how, right?

Well, let me list some of mechanism instead:

  •  There’s only one difficulty (normal mode / 1 star).
  • All stats will be balanced and fixed.
  • Number of enemy and their HP is depending by party member in the room.
  • Potion and Bonus Ressurection cannot be used.
  • Gold Coins drop will be distributed randomly to the player if run by more than 2 people.

Ultimate Reward

Every time you clear the event dungeon, you can get a Queen of Serdin Present chest that contain (but not limited to):

Duelly, Hanana, Sarimanok, Monkey.D, Racoon, Thomo, and of course, Purrthos~

And last but not least, you can get the crest by clearing it 100 times.


  • Attack +81
  • Deffense +82
  • Vitality +82

Other Effect:

  • Increase attack by 10% of maximun attack stat
  • Increase movement speed by 1.20%

Note: there’s a statement that you can get Extraction Scroll from the chest, but I’m not sure though.

Gift Shop

Event Period: October 18th – November 1st

The Gift Shop is back! Although use different currency to get them though. The Gold Coins from Pet Revolt are the ones we use now. Below are the list of the items you can send as a gift to your friends:

Yeah, it’s the same list like the last event >_>

 By sending the items above, you will receive Friendship Points for the same amount as the gold coins needed to buy the item. You will also receive rewards when your friendship points reached certain amount:

Annnndd the final prize is:

Purrthos Anklet, nyaa~


 Racoon Tornado

Event Period: October 18th – November 1st

Racoon is back! umm…like 4th time in about 3 months. >_>

Long story short, it’s the same mini game of roulette involving our extinct beloved Racoon. And this time the grand prize for playing this is:

Seamus Set & Pet

Rescue Team Avatar

Not only that go-green Seamus Set. Rescue Team Avatar now available in Avatar Shop. Grab ‘em if you like lol.

Now we need AK-47 and then we are set! The girls’ set is cute~


I’ll post my promised “something” here. Just gimme some good hours >_>

Yeah, my joke is bad, and I should feel bad >_>

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