[GCNA] Moving to a new home!

A New Home for Grand Chase.

Hello Chasers,

To start, our entire team would like to thank every single one of our players for being an awesome and passionate Community. We have really enjoyed our time with you all and couldn’t have asked for a better community.
Once in a while, great games such as Grand Chase, face some new changes. Today, we are announcing that Grand Chase service will be transferred to a new publisher, effective after Mar. 31st, 2014

Details on the process of transfer is still being worked out but the closing agenda at Gamerage is outlined as follows:

Feb, 26th 2014

  • • All Permanent items (Excluding Gacha) will be removed from the in-game shop.
  • • Web Shop will close down.

Mar, 12th 2014

  • • All items (including consumables & limited duration items) will be removed from the in-game shop.

Mar, 27th 2014

  • • Server Close

It was truly a pleasure being on this adventure with you all and hope you continue this adventure through new publishers of Grand Chase; KOG USA.

Please come back to our site again next week for more information on account transfers.

Thank you all for this wonderful experience.

-Grand Chase Team

The publisher will be KoG USA ; which is probably Kill3rCombo…
Anyway this was an intrersting turn of events, but at least the came won’t close down in NA. :D


Account Transfer Process and Other Information

I’ll try to keep things in one page for everyone to use.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask here.  If you would like to speak to a GM, please send a 1:1 Support ticket.




Closing Schedule

Grand Chase Team:
Attention Chasers,
To start, our entire team would like to thank every single one of our players for being an awesome community. We have really enjoyed our time with you all and couldn’t have asked for a better community.
Once in a while, great games such as Grand Chase, face some new changes. Today we are announcing that Grand Chase’s service will be transferred to a new publisher, Kill3rCombo, effective after Mar. 31st, 2014
The closing agenda at Gamerage will be March 27th.
It has taken some time, but we can finally detail what will be transferred over on your account.
The following items WILL be transferred come March 31st:
- All Equipment/Consumables on your account
- Your name
- Characters and levels
- GP
The following items WILL NOT be transferred come March 31st:
- RP
Since RP will not be making the transfer over to Kill3rCombo we have re-opened the shop for those that do not wish for their investments to go to waste.
Finally, It was truly a pleasure being on this adventure with you all and we hope you continue to enjoy this adventure through the new publishers of Grand Chase, Kill3rCombo.
Thank you all for this wonderful experience,

-Grand Chase Team

Source: http://grandchase.gamerage.com/Content/07313010000000_0001_0001.aspx


Transfer Server – Frequently Asked Questions

Grand Chase Team:
Attention Chasers,
We have received a few Questions regarding the transfer process, which we would like to answer for you all.
Q: Can I use any email for the transfer or should it be the email associated with my GameRage account?
A: The email you provide only needs to be a legitimate email account that you have access to.  It does NOT need to be tied to your GameRage Account.
Q: How will I know if my email has been registered successfully?
A: You will not be able to log in until you provide an email.   Once you have provided an email it will appear above your in game name in the Character Select Screen.  We ask that you please double check to make sure the proper email address is displayed here.
Q: I typed a random email address instead of one I have access to.  How can I change it?

A: You can change the email registered to the account by repeating the process with another email address.  Click the Email button at the log in screen and type the proper email address.  Then once you get to the character select screen, please double check to make sure the email is correct.

Q: I have an account with Kill3rCombo that uses the same email as my Grand Chase account.  Will this cause any problems for me?
A: No.  The email you provide for the transfer will not have any problems if it is already being used with Kill3rCombo.
Q:  I just made an account but the log in screen keeps asking for my email even though I provided it.
A: This appears to have been the result of a bug regarding new accounts.  The issue has since been fixed and you should be able to register your email and join the server again.
We hope this clears up any confusion you may have towards the transfer process.
Grand Chase Team

Source: http://grandchase.gamerage.com/Content/0731401-10-100_0001_0001.aspx

Additional Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Will the characters (EXP and Levels) and character items transfer?
Q: Will the Warehouse character items be in tact?
A: I would assume so.  I have asked CO_CuddleMonster of Kill3rCombo, but have yet received a response.
Q: Will Kill3rCombo’s Grand Chase have the same Region Block?
A: No.  The licensing agreement with other regional server will be changed.  If you’re basing it off Elsword Online, keep in mind that the regional licenses for that game does not have the same server availability as Grand Chase.  Most likely the Terms of Use for the Region Block will adjust to what’s available when they sign the license.  There is no official confirmation to which region it will be available to, however.  I will make a post once I get an official response.
Kill3rCombo’s Grand Chase Website
If you would like to visit Kill3rCombo’s Grand Chase website, visit http://grandchaseonline.com/.
About Kill3rCombo and KOG USA
I have received a message from CO_CuddleMonster of Kill3rCombo, and would like to inform you that there’s a misconfusion with the current announcement.  Grand Chase will be changing providers from SGInteractive to Kill3rCombo, NOT KOG USA (Yes, there is a difference).  To avoid confusion, Kill3rCombo works under KOG USA.  Different level of companies.  I have told the GM of GameRage to update the announcement.

104 thoughts on “[GCNA] Moving to a new home!

  1. YES! I’ve been WAITING FOR THIS DAY!! God I hate GameRage and everything about that worthless company. Ohmigod, I could not be more happy with this.

    I wonder if this means I will have to spend my Power Points from attendance…

  2. i know this will happen someday .

    was Ntreev — Now GameRage — then what ? Kill3rCombo ?

    btw i love the idea that people can run around town like in Elsword and see other player

  3. Well since it doesn’t say anything about your inventory, I’m going to assume that I get to keep all of my stuff. Well guys, see you all on the other side when the server closes and a new host will take it under its wings.

    • WAIT SO every item like leona set the one that u transform everything will be gone!?!?!?, but i want leona set so badly altho i dont have cash this is the last time everyone can get it. but i disagree with the name changes from the chars.

  4. with they way it started out i thought they were saying tht they r closing it down :c thank god

    • I have a hunch but it might make sense for KillerCombo to take Grand Chase so that they can use the name “Elesis” instead of “Elsa” for their server. So yea might be a hint for a possible Elesis release on NA Elsword.

    • There’s been an update or two..

      You will NOT keep RP. Spend it while you can, they re-opened the Cash Store since they won’t be able to transfer your funds.

      I suggest you spend those Attendance points as well. (Power Points, I think?)

      I really wish we could keep RP and VP though.. I have over 90k VP… Not sure what to spend it on…

  5. Glad it isnt closing… im practically had a heat attack reading that damn thing…Thank god its just a host transfer… but then again, i dont know what that means exactly either…wait till next week I suppose

  6. I wonder if we will finally get the updates we want.

    Starting with:
    ~ Couple’s System update (Emotes, break up message, outfits, etc)
    ~ Advanced Vocation Skill Trees (Spearman, Crossbow, etc)
    ~ Bug fixes and balance patches (On Target was nerfed way too much, etc)
    ~ More Coordishop content
    ~ Weapon Skins (not promotional like Edel’s is)
    ~ Possibly a new Hero Dungeon?
    ~ Etc.

    And I know more than 100 people personally who are dying to see a level cap increase, along with a new continent.

    • NAGC has nothing to do with any of those
      I don’t get what puts people under the impression it does.

      • They can still take time to develop original content. And I wasn’t implying that they did.

        (Dang that was a fast reply lol)

        If memory serves, we have a few bits of content that other servers don’t have, right? Just the same, other servers have a few things that we don’t have.

        Original content is what will be the deciding factor in the future, I believe. Especially in terms of getting our player base back up :/ I remember fighting for a spot on each server. I actually hope it gets back to that point soon.

        Anyway, thanks for the reply.

        • NAGC ”original” content was nothing more that switching stuff that was normally free into gotcha.
          Pepe and Sidt pets, I think there was another as well.

        • But most of what you just asked for is developed by KoG Korea or Brazil Grand chase and distributed to other servers. If Korea or Brazil doesn’t have Mari’s skill tree, skill trees for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th classes, new hero dungeon, balance patches, then there is no way we’re going to get it. We never get the first release of anything or even get to develop it.

          • That’s exactly what I hope will change.

            But now we know it won’t actually be KoG USA managing GCNA, it will be the subsidiary: Kill3rCombo. I’m not happy with this, but for reasons that are trivial and personal. (Elsword be damned..)

            Maybe we can still hope for some original content, since Elsword gets so much attention, maybe Grand Chase will finally get the player base back up. But that’s a pretty vain hope..

            I guess the first thing we should expect is a referral contest type event. Would be nice as a start. (I hope one of the KC GMs or Mods or whatever they are called over there read this eventually lol. Another vain hope)

            As ever, thanks for the replies. :)

  7. I’m more worried about the region locking than GC closing down. I’ve got a feeling Kill3rcombo’s going to do it.

    • I was thinking the same thing. T.T

      I don’t think GC will close down anytime in the next few years, at the very least. But a Region Lock is more than possible, and that would completely destroy our player base, not to mention leave thousands of players bitter. And with less players, less money. Which means we will be a lot closer to becoming a subscription based game.

      And that thought scares me. I would pay, but I know plenty who would never pay subscriptions to play an MMO.

  8. Get ready for Season 6! XD But I’m pretty sure that it was a good event…. it was like a restart button of events…..good thing that only the shop will be changed not the entire game exactly….still the game will be developed……so the limit break…..Imperium skill/4th bar skill or whatever…. will removed…..including the adventurer set til the baldur set/Sylph set will be removed…. even the weakest GP accessory will be removed….so…..Everything in the shop…..(or is it only the cash?)….will be replaced by new items/removed permanently….buy what you needed before the server closes….And goodluck for the new Host (the same as GM? I’m really confused about that…)….They might even make the items cheaper or…. expensive….That’s all ;)

    • Well it says nothing about having your items in your inventory removed. In fact think, why would they give you a heads up that they will start removing items from the in-game shop? It’s obvious that they’re giving you a chance to buy stuff before it’s too late, besides there wouldn’t be a point on this if they were to clear out your stuff.

  9. OH NO NO NO! I’m from Russia and KillerCombo Elsword was ip blocked for me until it come to Steam.I’m afraid they gonna ip block GC T_T

  10. You know what else?

    If NAGC is supported by KoG NA, that means it’s officially affiliated with KoG.

    Which should mean quicker updates and *gasp* MORE POWER WITH FEEDBACK.

    • As for region locks? Gamerage attempted to open GC EU and it was stopped for some reason like 1 week into Beta. They never said why.
      So either Kog US will not Region Block EU, or they’ll be the ones to open EUGC, and the reason why Gamerage’s EU server stopped suddenly.

      • For what I know, EUGC was closed because of the lack of players. So I’m not sure Kill3rCombo wil try again.

    • Do not count on feedback updates over at KC if that is where we go. KC although is KOG US has the same “milk the player’s money” attitude as our current home. $20 for a skill reset on elsword.

    • If you honestly believe this, then you don’t know Kill3rCombo that well. They are really bad at update speed and dealing with bugs. Yes, even worse than Gamerage.

      I quit Elsword because those incompetent fucks and their horrible release schedule. Six months to get from Sheath Knight to Shelling Guardian? (The only Transform class I wanted to play.) Fuck that.

      And now that they’re getting Grand Chase, I may as well leave for BRGC. I’ll probably see less lag than on KC’s shitty servers anyway.

        • I remember some guy (I think his name was Endgame or something like that) going around the forums saying that korean Elsword only took two months and taiwanese Elsword took three months to get through the Transform classes.

          And that was just for their First Jobs. There was still the wait for the Second Jobs afterwards, which probably took another six months.

          • He doesn’t appear hostile towards the GC players on the thread on the Elsword forums about KC getting NAGC. He seems more upset over KC making what he believes to be a bad business decision.

            I’m not sure what to make of his hatred towards Elesis though.

          • Thinks the purple haired mage is the best? Hates Elesis?

            Isn’t it obvious? Endgame is Arme!

    • Its true, in elsword or feedback effects the game. The only problem is it doesn’t always work in our favor.

  11. At least they saved NAGC from being extinct compared to what happened to “TRICKSTER!”.

    ~GameRage you will pay for this! It will not be forgotten!

          • Damn it, had me going.. Had I not read your reply to yourself, I would have been on google in 3 seconds looking for that Japanese server…

            Trickster…. </3 R.I.P.

          • It’s a good thing there’s a private of Trickster(Season2) to play with,heard they’ll be getting Paula(Polar) in the next 6 months <3

  12. Finaly revoliution is here i hope the new company will be more richable and more hellfully for scammed accaunts and etc.

    • They won’t. Last I heard they were banning innocent players and wiping their inventory while well known hackers were untouched in Elsword.

      • Great… Grand Chase is the only game I play for that long (since NA server exists). If the new host is as shitty as yall say, guess most players will leave.

      • Well i wouldnt exactly say that Killer Combo is shitty but i think they are decent for the most part besides things shouldnt be that bad unless you hate people that troll in pvp

        • If by decent you mean ignored the feedback section of their forums, banning innocent players for “hacking”, cash shop is over priced as hell.

          Want more? Recent patches brought in bugs that NO OTHER SERVER got.

          Killercombo while are better than gamerage in the sense that they have GMs/COs who engage and interact with the communnity and do live stream previews, are not even close to decent.

          • I tend to stay away from the item mall anyway so i dont really care about the items in it i avoid market im usually in sparring channel so i usually wouldnt care about that too much and the fact that they interact i think that is good enough that would interact with the community but either way they still have a long way to go.

  13. Alright Cion, Answer this. Im unknowing how much you know about this or if you no somthing we dont. but tell me over what will change?

  14. Bawwww the only problem i have with Kill3rcombo is expired money j_j
    They only last a year. UNLESS that only happen in elsword not grand chase… eue
    (yes real money expired within a year in elsword /sad)
    Ooh please don’t let them expired Dx

    Does anyone know if the money transfer too?

    bawww english. i’m terrible. sorry.

  15. Alright, for anyone who wants to see exactly how shitty Kill3rCombo and their community are, I went back to their forums and found this:


    It’s a thread where one guy tries to reason with KC by outright showing how bad a job they are doing, only to get flamed to hell and back and for a GM to passively aggresively tell him to fuck off. He also did a pretty good study on the EXP curve as well.

    Stamina never even bothered me when I played Elsword, but it looks like NAGC is going to get it when the update comes given KC’s track record. Have fun with that.

    • Killercombo fanboys are by far the worst fanboys I have ever seen. They will ride the jock of KC so hard and so long that they become stuck on it.

      It’s sad really. I’ve dealt with final fantasy 7 fanboys, dark souls fanboys, skyrim fanboys, ect… but KC fanboys are easily the biggest jock riders around.

    • you do know that was posted by endgame the biggest troll on the fourms right?you cant hardly ever take his posts seriously they mostly have complaints anyway,

      • Even though he made good points in some of it Killer Combo wouldnt be considered shitty considering that taking out the stamina system would mean that other versions of the game will end up causing a uproar complaning how they dont have it.Also if you are gonna call it shitty how come you didnt do further research?

        • I didn’t need to do further research. I quit the game before that thread was even posted due to how long the wait was.

          For someone like me who only wanted to play one of the classes, the last one to be released at that, there was basically five months of nothing.

          Shitty service is shitty. You’ll be begging Gamerage to take us back soon enough.

          • I was actually surprised they got transforms so fast. I remember when NAGC went on for months without updates. Some bugs are still not fixed. KC people make big fusses over nothing.

          • So because Gamerage can be shitty at times means we can give Kill3rCombo a free pass for being shitty all the time?

            LOL ok.

          • If you noticed KR was the very first to get the transformations so the fact that we got it in the time we did is good.You should atleast be thankful that we had got them.We could have had to wait 2 years for them to come out depending on the speed they gave us to them.To be honest it sounds like you are fussing over nothing really.

          • Wow, you are retarded. I should be thankful that the one class I wanted to play came out AFTER I quit because it was taking too fucking long? There’s no shortage of idiots to keep KC afloat, huh?

            Did you even read the linked thread? The gap between Sheath Knight and Shelling Guardian was bigger than the gap between korean Nexon games and NA Nexon games. That is fucking inexcusable.

            What does the korean version getting it first have to do with anything? The fact that they got it first meant the classes were already complete and the NA version should have released them at the same rate or FASTER. Not three times longer.

  16. D’ya think it’s possible to play GCPH in the states now~?
    God I don’t wanna lose my inventory…like seriously…
    1/2 of my life(and money) is in that game -_- Which is the reason why
    I cannot just leave it..=-=

    • No I don’t think it will be possible to play GCPH from the US as they have a server for the Philippines.

  17. i hope for~

    1)No Region Block
    2)New Update
    3)New Cute and Pretty Item
    4)Item in shop(Cash) Gettin Cheaper
    5)More Coordi item and hoping its permanent sell all the time
    6)New Skill Tree (Especially for Mari)
    7) All current GM stay in NAGC (Especially GM_Swagazord,GM_Jelly and etc. )
    or Else~

    1) I kill Amano Yukiteru
    2)i be Pyscho for the rest of my life
    3)i will take revenge for whoever control NAGC next
    4)i thirst of blood

    • 1. Probably won’t happen
      2. Obvious
      3. We won’t get anything KR doesn’t have
      4.Expect higher prices
      5. See 4
      6. See 4
      7. Not happening which is good because unprofessional GM name is unprofessional(swag)

  18. I apologize but sadly the new owner is officially Kill3r combo, now the big question remain for those players that are not withing US soil
    what is gonna happen to our accounts, will they be deleted or region blocked for good?

    What Gamerage told me:
    The company taking over Grand Chase is indeed Kill3r Combo, as a result of this we can not be certain if you will be affected by the same region block as Elsword. We apologize for the lack of any confirmation.

    and since i have a account on elsword, what Kill3r combo told me:
    We understand your concern, but we cannot release any information regarding the state of Grand Chase, and we cannot comment as to whether or not any changes to location and servers will be made. We ask that in the meantime, please wait on further announcements regarding Grand Chase.

    in short we are so fucked the moment we did the transfer, so after all the money and time we spent our accounts are forever lost……..

    our only option if we want to continue playing grand chase as we know is to start playing on another server account sadly so we have to shut our mouths and DEAL WITH IT!……

      • region block is way to easy to pass, just use Aol, there are some guides out there.
        i use aol everytime i want to play maplestory NA from EU and it worked just fine.

  19. For those who want to know about the region block:

    “Q: Will Kill3rCombo’s Grand Chase have the same Region Block?
    A: No. The licensing agreement with other regional server will be changed. If you’re basing it off Elsword Online, keep in mind that the regional licenses for that game does not have the same server availability as Grand Chase. Most likely the Terms of Use for the Region Block will adjust to what’s available when they sign the license. There is no official confirmation to which region it will be available to, however. I will make a post once I get an official response.”

    Thanks to ShadowKazuni.

  20. well, play elsword, and when KoG send new game named Elsworld ur elsword servers everywhere will be closed down slowly that you will move to Elsworld, thats how KoG works, King of Ghey, so the conclusion is, NEVER PLAY KoG GAMES.

    • Elsword is not why Grand Chase is dying. Elsword isn’t going to last much longer at this rate as well.

      Grand Chase is dying because it has failed to adapt to changes in the industry. Nostalgia is what keeps it alive in the countries where it still has versions. Maple Story and Dungeon Fighter are just as old as Grand Chase and they are doing much better in the countries where they still have versions simply because they made the changes to adapt to changing trends that Grand Chase has failed to do. Dungeon Fighter is even one of the top ten games in Korea.

      Elsword has been going downhill as well. Everyone on their forums is hyped up for a game called CloserS that was made by the older Elsword team that left KOG and are planning to drop Elsword in favor of it.

      Face it. KOG is a shitty developer and people are finally catching on that they are all style and no substance. Maybe they would do better in the anime industry instead.

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