[GC Global(?)]CNGC,the test version of next season of GC,Eternal

As the 2nd test started, us, Chinese GC players found out that we are playing another game, a game with the system that GC does not need, should not have.

Us, the Chinese player been complain about the Cyou as the chinese server Owner should not modify the game in such way that it’s not GC anymore, but surprisingly, they told us they did not modify anything other then Model for Government issue and damage of monsters just like all other Chinese games. And all those WDH modifications came down to KOG.

KOG planned this, and there is possibility all this **** changes will there by come to all GC servers. According to official information, KOG is planning a major update of GC’s system, And this time it will be globally, just to be said this is not some thing good, totally not good. KOG claim that this change is for getting close to Majority of Online games now, as all the dungeon based game has it’s stamina and all game are “character specific”. This is what i would say:”GC does not need to be as same as the majority of the Online game, because you can get more player if you are the outstanding one, there by more player, the reason of GC not making much profit is there is not enough advertisement, people don’t even know a game called Grand Chase, non of my friend know this game at all in school, no one.”

well lest start look at this updates

Start with the first login, you will be asked to create a name of you Grand Chase team

Make a team name

choose a caracter

character selection

Alright, lets create a character, and name him/her again

Character creation

As you see, there is only 4 slots of characters, this time you can freely choose who you wanted as your first playable character, whatever OP or not, however if you want more characters

purchase character slot

Sir please purchase more character slots.

Well you know what, you can give each character a name!(well i really don’t need this no thank u KOG)

Let go on, now we can choose play tutorial or not(sorry no SS)

Well trail forest


Alright, be done with this random dungeon run, but this does eat 1 stamina…

Now let’s have a look of inventory


Well i know you cant see the point,so let me tall you.

First off, there is only 90 inventory place start with, however this inventory is character specific, other character won able to interact with is other then using storage system that will eats your stuffs randomly.

At the right hand corner there is character’s name 菜B[菜]

菜B is the character name and 菜 is the team name (i really hate naming anything, that’s why when i write novel i don’t often add new character)

alright let go on let’s have a look of new statu system




total attack






critical chance

critical damage

counter resistance

counter resistance during PVP

MP recovery during PVP

HP absorb

MP absorb

extra GP

extra EXP

hell spear


Alright, this  is all we have now

Don’t know way there is still mp and hp recovery in equipment maybe they forgot?

Alright let’s go to next dungeon


Yeah the bar under me is MR.stamina system.
Wait! What did i forgot! how come i can change my character! where is the button

Ok let’s have a “good news break” the drop rate of the current playing character had much increase!!!!!!congratz everyone!


“rage quit the room,open menu ”

menu bar

Where is the button for me to change my characterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Now you can no more change character in a room, including PVP room

PVP room

When you are not in a room, you can press ESC button and call out a menu bar which i see no point of having it


last thing… a good new again finally

recording system

recording system had finally fixed (may not come to other server though) this recording system will actually make a video and export it!

oh and some fun stuffs

this is what happen to monsters due to government issues



Just if you didn’t realize, the second one is the Undead Silver knights



All right at the end i want to talk about some thing i had never wanted talk about in GC.

From all this modifications, the only thing i smell is Trading system.

I believe or Chinese official people, this is Made In KOG.

The evidence is, if you don’t remember the last UI update did not let you change character in room either right? And i finally see the reason storage system ever exist…

I’m Gong, See you next time.

92 thoughts on “[GC Global(?)]CNGC,the test version of next season of GC,Eternal

  1. OTL whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy T_T that means all new characters must be purchased with cash for the slot!!! KoG has become so greedy.. and I agree instead of using this method they should spend their resources on advertising instead!

  2. whoa whoa whoa i hate this, this is soon going global lets start a petition that will take away the bad part of this update

  3. KOG!!!!!!!! if ya continue this update GC players will decrease dramatically and eventually will be a game that is used to be played by a lot of people

    • 我想有玩家已经想到了,是的,和活力值系统一样,这也是“全球化同步更新计划”中的一部分,国服终极封测有幸成为这两个全球同步化版本更新的首发站。
      I think some player may have thought of this already, and yes, just like the stamina system, this is also a part of KoG’s plan. About these changes, KoG says Grand Chase had not used a system that lived to up being an MMO and its requirements….(skipping some stuff)…The producer said that in order to give Grand Chase a better and brighter future, in order to attract more players (new), this system muse be implemented. As the publisher for this game, we don’t have any reason to object to this.
      *skips some stuff from the beginning*…In Kog’s original plan, they had only planned on giving out TWO(2) character slots for each account…*skips some more*…after we have talked with KoG, they had finally agreed to increase the amount to 4. *skips the rest*

      And hi roflolmao. Haven’t seen you in awhile lol

      To any of you who clicked that link, this is only a part of what was on there. And I guess what I consider the most important part. Anyways, please bear with my translation as it might not be totally accurate.

      • “…The producer said that in order to give Grand Chase a better and brighter future, in order to attract more players (new), this system muse be implemented….”

        Not sure if they hit their head hard or what…IMHO it will just bring more darker future…
        esp the character slot,most player that already obtained all character must limited to 4 character to play, if they decided to not cash the slot…

  4. stamina system…? nevermind since i already getting used to it when playing Elsword

    about Slot Character…? HELL NO.

  5. i will GC and go for elsword or either if they change the game to this stupid style

    separate char ? WDF
    team name ? WDF
    GC ? WDF

    stamina ? WDF i do not want the 2nd elsword

    trade ? no thanks

    please keep GC as it is

    • I have to agree with you,

      Stamina? Lvling up to 85 outside Korean Server was already a LIVING HELL, and KoG wants to make it worse? curse you ;;A;;

      Team name? sounds very ridiculous to me -___-

      Separate char?? how about Old player who played all char?? now they have to pick? oh f**k

      Trade – NEVER!!

      Grand Chase was already Fun, because it’s Unique, different from others, we played this game because of that, or is KoG just wants to kill Old Players for this “New Player”, don’t you guys know ADVERTISING means?

      #my opinion, sorry for bad english, not my native

  6. I’m pretty sure this won’t be fully appear on other servers, since, for example, I have all the 17 characters on NAGC and what are they supposed to do with that :D? I’m pretty sure it would be illegal to just remove them. If this will ever be implemented, then only in a limited form.

  7. So… youre telling me that 14 out of 17 of my characters will be deleted cause 4 characters = max? oh hell naw.

    • You can still BUY character slots, and possibly get them from events. Another things is that right now, We DON’T know how this is going to affect the current players of Grand Chase when this becomes implemented (I hope they just get rid of it).

      • Picking a name for your account is very hard already… Now I’m going to think of awesome names on every character?!? That’s nonsensical crap!!!

  8. Good work KoG. Kill your osn game like that.
    That is the last straw. The moment it comes to NAGC i will NEVER log in again.

  9. KoG.. Stahp… Stahp plz STAHP!!

    No seriously… if they implement this crap in every server… grand chase will die.. i am sure of it.. and i am pretty sure everyone knows it… just… leave GC the way it is now.. what is wrong with GC eh??..


    • What a great slogan for an ad song!

      *Cheap advertisement sound*



  10. Grand chase is already broken in PH so why would KILL IT MORE we are always experiencing BUGS from patches DAMN YOU KOG you want to kill my characters leave me only four I finally completed them last summer but your gonna kill them?

    I’ll never play online games if this is what happens everytime you achieve something especially KOG games

  11. This is likely the end of Grand Chase. They are literally killing off the game with the new system implementation. The game which already have low players.. I’m guessing KoG is just crazy of money.

  12. Oh my….

    Looks like its not just Elword that KOG has decided to screw over.

    I feel sorry for the GC players that have to go through this.

  13. No, please no.
    I dont want those stupid Stamina on GC. .-. On Elsword is damn ridiculous and on GC more ridicolous.

    …4 char slot? lol Seriously? I have unlocked all char throught GP quest (except Asin, I have cashed only him) If they will implement this in other server, goodbye GC… thanks Kog I hate you, eh. ._.”

      • but it didnt mention how would it be for the old players, so just let them be
        beside who knows, unlocked chars might available but still 2slot, then some event you get free slots about 3~4 or sth, then you get 6slots and choose your chars, and the rest? wait till other event or just purchase it, meh dun fking care u r old player or watsum special

      • we just afraid if KoG really implement it into other server which that server already got complete character and only give 4 slot for character from 17 character as well. please think about that dude >_>

  14. You people do realize it says “test version” on the title, right? It means that KOG could be using CNGC as an experimental server.

    • me either. if KoG really do it then grand chase will die forever and KoG must force to shut it down and us as grand chase fans force to play other online game which i dunno if i really interested about that one or not.

    • nope, we said that test version because its look alike, but its actually in the same time they put them in.
      even if CNGC goes down again, KoG will just make an excuse saying “ah, the popularity is just bad at CN, meh continue on my plan in KGC”

      • So let me get this straight, There WAS ONCE CNGC before this experimental dummy server showed up ?!?

          • 彩虹騎士you mean, and I just get what tougen asked after anon replied lol
            yeah, CN downed before after release of Lass

  15. meh…
    I think this will never happen on all servers, there will be too much protesting from all the players (esp. older players) from all servers.
    After all, it would be wrong and unfair to just change everything around – if it was that essential it would have been done from the very beginning, not many years after the game’s release.

    Unless, obviously, KOG wants to kill GC.

  16. I don’t agree with the character slot system because it is VERY HARD to make a cool name+KOG always make new chars so if they make new chars u nid to buy a slot+if it is a cash exclusive char it’ll be more expensive, but on the bright side maybe the compensation for old would probably like this:will still have all those chars etc. but’ll nid to have new names even though I still don’t agree with the character slot.

    For the stamina system I don’t mind if they add it, BUT it should not be cash based,for me they should make the stamina have a recovery even if ur online or not+it’ll be better if they make a mini game so players won’t be bored while waiting for their stamina to recover, that’s all.

    Sorry I’m not that good in english.

    • you don’t need unlock character anymore
      you can start your game with lupus mari zero and rin if you want

  17. Yeah let’s just see what’ll happen to the GC servers at season Eternal if they ever did that, old players will leave (about over a hundred thousand since there are a lot of servers) then new players come (about a few hundred or so), then they figured out why they left, Three SCENARIOS

    GC in the other servers removed, new player who used cash will complain

    returned the old system for no reason, old players ignore it because they rarely go check for updates (if that happens somehow), some players get back to play it.

    3. Same as no. 2 except old players check for updates if they want to know if GC died (or is Dying) and most of the over 100k return.

    those are the three scenarios i just came up with.

    • Exactly, most old players like me don’t actually play much anyway (unless there’s a major season update or new char, probably play like a few days then go back to hiatus).
      New players will find it a chore to have so many chars to play separately as their mindset is 1 char is 1 on its own like all the other MMOs, unlike us who think of all our characters as a whole (as we can switch them flexibly). I really liked it (back in season 1) when I could switch a different character who is of about the same level to train without logging out or going out of the room etc.
      The main thing is the mindset of the new players and old players playing gc would be totally different.

  18. dafuq is this shi*?

    stamina bar? for what? limit our time playing GC? are they trying to diminish their population? or are they planning to sell stamina refills like those facebook games..

    Character Slot.. as if cashing a character wasn’t expensive enough, and why the hell would we want to change the character names anyway? We’ll just see a bunch of Siegs with Kiritoxxx or Eren123 names everywhere…

    rage quits are imminent

  19. I think its KOG’s way of “killing-off”, games…
    “Killing it slowly…” term is in effect.

    If they wanted to kill the game, they should have just announced a proper closure notice, right?
    Just think of it like this;

    “What’s the best way of going down a high place or an elevated platform? Taking stares, ladders, or even taking slow-safe steps down right?”

    This way you down suffer a hard dead-on fall, instead you take it slowly and safely down.

    By this, minimizing the commercial impact with shaving off some of the population/players will give KOG a somewhat safe reason to close the game, and to lessen the impact on player, as well.
    People, lets face the facts here. This game is old in-terms of game service. You know they’re humans too, maybe, y’know, they just want to give up and call it quits already. Releasing new content every few weeks is tiring and repetitive. And knowing that people/players you’re trying to service, just chews your “new” contents easily and spits it out.

    I know most players understand what I meant by this.
    “You can’t have a game that updates eternally.”
    (It’s even a miracle this game lasted this long while somehow prospering.)

    Everything I have stated is not of any negativity. But merely what I think is true… An “IMHO” so to speak.
    I know this will be tl;dr-ed, so I’ll make a short “easily understandable” and hip summary!


  20. For sure there are many things on this “beta” that I dont like, adn I am talking about that idiocity of the 4 chars maximum, and to buy more slots … THAT’s not GC

    I dont care stamina max, i can been used to..

    the Grapfich update is goog

    naming ALL the chars?!!! i hate to use numbers on my names >_> t this point, is stupid!

    inventory per char? actually doesn’t sound that bad ..

    The most critical thing here, that most od the GC players has at least 10 ~ 12 chars in their rooster [to not say ALL the chars avilable until today], so Having to buy more slots as “how advanced” is the game now?!! is a big NO

    Defintely, unless there is a proper clarification, I’m totally disagree with this changes, KOG, forgett about this!! D:<

  21. If they ever implement this sh** and apply it on all server! my middle finger will salute kog for its stupidity.

  22. To be honest, I agree with the “you can’t change the character thing” only for PvP rooms, for there are scammers there on other servers in PvP, like Jbmiko (you GCPH players definitely know who he is). .__.

    These other systems are just… umm… horrible. e.e

    • Can I ask what made you say that? I don’t play GCPH, so I wouldn’t know what you are talking about. Being able to change characters freely was a feature that made GC unique in the first place. I don’t like the idea of losing the feature at all. I can’t imagine that just because I wanted to play lets say Amy, and the currently character I have selected is Elesis, I would have to go back to the character selection screen every single dam time that I wanted to switch characters and rejoin the PvP room.

      • it’s like this, a room says it’s for “C+ only stats” 1v1 you join in because you meet the requirements the moment you press ready, he quickly changes to a character that has S stats and starts the game

          • You obviously haven’t been scammed in PvP before.
            Anyways, there’s a possibility to change characters then start the game right away if you do the (Change + Click + F9) technique.

        • Thanks for clearing that up. I have also experienced this myself in NAGC and it’s true, I don’t like it. But I still would rather be able to change my characters freely. Of course, that is just my own opinion.

  23. hindi ako pabor sa stamina system sa pilipinas maraming magrereklamo sa sistema nila bago sa grand chase

    • lemme Google translate that for ye~
      “I am not in favor of stamina system in the Philippines many complain their system before the grand chase.”


  24. Can’t wait for them to do this, everyone will quit. Good job ruining your own business.. GOOD JOB INDEED!.. Fuckers.

  25. Having everyone, and readily available, has always been a big plus over Elsword for me. I hate making a new account for every character, just so I can try each job’s skills and playstyles (and even then I won’t get to try out every move. Also I hate youtubing characters to learn them). As well, being able to farm equips and transfer them to the character that needs them has been really convenient too. With this update, I could no longer Dismantle Epics I don’t need to forge for characters that do need better gear (some of my lv 50’s and 60’s are still using lv 30 gear here and there).

    This would possbily mean that we couldn’t slam Monster Train 301, or the like, for gear for our weaker, undergeared characters. The game is already getting nitpicky about which character I take into a dungeon. It has to be SS, Geas or Rin, preferably the latter.

    Stamina isn’t as much of a bother, though I wouldn’t like it at all. As long as it stayed character independent. That would encourage me to play more than 1 character a day.

    KoG couldn’t lock out our currently existing characters. That would be suicide. I’m sure we’d all get character slotted up to our unlocked characters. However, how would they possibly distribute the Items labelled (All)? Things like Potions, or event gear like the Vampire Bg Head?

    I just don’t see an easy way through that. I know KoG’s been trying real hard to make Grand Chase into Elsword, for a long time, but honestly. Just. Stop. I think half the people here would be happier if the game never got another update than moving to this abomination.

    *Show for disapproval*

  26. KoG cannot fathom the amount of players will quit if this actually happens.

    I mean seriously who do they expect to keep playing after something like this?

    • I’ll give yah a list;

      1. Loyalists
      2. Addicts
      3. “I don’t give a fuck” players
      4. “I don’t have any other games to play so I’ll play GC anyway” players
      5. Bums
      6. “Forced to play because my GF is playing this shitty game” players
      7. “I paid so much money on this game, kinda hard to quit now” players
      8. Rich basta… errr.. players
      9. “Well I don’t have anything to do so I’ll play this game” players
      10. Hobbyists.
      11. “I’m in it for the fighting” players
      12. “I’m in it for the cute-moe characters” players
      13. “I’m in it for the competition money” players


      There~ :)

  27. did they actually think they’ll get more players by asking more money!? WHAT!?!?

  28. Stamina system? I’d say no to that. Here in GCPH, leveling is hard as it is. Given the stamina system, this will limit our play time, thus minimizing our leveling and grinding times. We don’t have exp boost in our server and we don’t have much players lately so its getting hard to level up if you’re a party player.

    With the char slots, I don’t see the good in it. We have like 18 characters and 4 slots just for them. Also a player can love a character, but not all of his/her classes, which will make the player lose enjoyment for sometime. They should complete the ST’s and rework or revamp some classes before they think of implementing that. Some underused characters and classes will remain underused and will be rarely seen ingame. We don’t want that to happen.

  29. 4 slots for the beginners? If this was implemented and a new character was released then we would buy that open character slot?? *Money, it ruins all things*

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