[ GCPH ] Ley’s 4th Job – Void Empress and New Gacha

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Ley’s 4th Job – Void Empress

Duration: May 21


  • Ley’s 4th job, Void Empress is now released.
  • Mission Cash and GP will be available at the Shop.


Ley Skill Reset

Duration: May 21


  • Ley’s skills will reset after maintenance.
  • 4th MP bar and Imperium Skill is not included.


New Gacha – Momo and Annie

Duration: May 21


Limited Release – Gacha Bead Package

Duration: May 21 ~ June 4 (before maintenance)


  • Gacha Beads (100) and Spell Book (100) will be available at the Shop during the event period.


May Cash Conversion Reward

Duration: May 21 (after maintenance)  ~ June 4 8:00am (before maintenance)


  • Depending on the accumulated top-up amount from May 21, (after maintenance) to June 4 (before maintenance) , you will get the following rewards:




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– Kira

38 thoughts on “[ GCPH ] Ley’s 4th Job – Void Empress and New Gacha

  1. Bakunawa and Gacha……I’m getting both. Gonna dish out P2000 for Bakunawa and get the lowest level set for pet and turn that set into avatar set. I’ll earn that money back when school starts anyway.

  2. Uh, Kira. Do the Cash Conversion Rewards stack? Or can you only choose one?

    • Stack. You top up only 500-999, you get the 5 boxes, if you top up 1000-1499, you get 15 and so on. So if you top up 2k, you’ll get bakunawa, 15 boxes at 10 premium.

  3. Oh Gawd. I thought there were going to be something more interesting other than Ley’s 4th.
    That sucks.

  4. GCPH became more and more laggy since april. Both my computer specs and internet connection are above the standard requirements, even though out of 10 pvp matches 9 of them have this “I am legend” effect, same goes with dungeon runs. Server time outs and client not updated often occurs now… Might play DN for a while, i hope LU will prioritize fixing game bugs and enhancing connectivity before adding more updates.

      • it just like grand chase indonesia. when i use ley’s summon skill my signal became worst and worst and the result is laggy. wonder if it’s KOG fault?

  5. Character bound pets please…so the annoyinginesses of gacha pets in pvp would be reduced =.=

    • Stupidest idea ever…. they will damage ap, and amp characters too much and if it is a gacha pet, thats so much more money down the drain. This should not happen especially for gc which is drastically declying as is.

  6. how much will i spend for a lvl 70 gacha? and how bout lvl 40 gacha? pls tell me which is more worth it.. coz i wanna buy this gacha for my mari

    • Multiply 112 by number of spell books needed.

      Example: 112 x 2 (for level 30 set you need 2 spell books) = 224. So you need around P1000+ to get level 30 set. (Note: 112 beads is the average amount of beads needed. You could get lucky an open all with less (I used 107 beads with Sirius set) or use more (used 120 beads with Tidehunter set redux).

      So 224 spell books for 40 ( around P1160-P1500) and 448 spell books for 70 (around P2320-P2500). Since there is a 10% bonus to top-up, you can spend a little less. Hope this helps.

      @iBlazeBeats(PH): Hell no. Character bound pets suck (at least for Dungeon players like me). Just put up “no gacha pets” or “no pets” in the pvp room.

      @Sephorum: Check Youtube for videos of Annie and Momo. Bouncing bunny bomb hahaha. Heals 3 – 3 1/2 mp bars with Asin and Lime. Kinda strong too.

      • level 80: 112 x 5 = 560 books. So it hovers around P2820 (for 560 books). So you might spend P2500 (since there is a 10% bonus it will be P2750) – P3000 (since Gacha can be risky). Use P2500 first, then add a little more if you still need a piece or two.

  7. This CCR event, im quite new, so do i have to spend the cash points to get those rewards or can i simply top up that amount and use it for later?

  8. I hope that they will bring back the Circus, the Express and the Moonlight village in the next Update . .


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