[ GCPH ] Bluebell GACHA & Angry Bosses Event Dungeon

New Event Dungeon: ANGRY BOSSES
Duration: February 19 ~ March 5 (before maintenance)

• You need to have an entry ticket to be able to enter the dungeon.
• You will be receiving 3 tickets per day through your mailbox.
• You can also purchase tickets at the Item Shop. However, you can only purchase 3 tickets per day.

• On your first log-in during the event, you will be receiving the following:

• Defeat the boss at the last stage in order to receive a Duel’s Horn Fragment.

• The Character Mission will require you to collect Duel’s Horn Fragment (10 pcs) to receive the following:

• Items related to this event will be deleted after the event period.
Bluebell GACHA
Duration: February 19

• Please go to this link to know how GACHA works.
• GACHA level will be from 30 ~ 80.
• Pet Skill Polinosis and Falling Cure will be available at the Shop both Cash and GP.

Discussion Thread

Suicide Dungeon here we go
– Kira

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50 thoughts on “[ GCPH ] Bluebell GACHA & Angry Bosses Event Dungeon

  1. What?! Bluebell already?! Why?! Why do they have to release that now?! Its way too soon…
    I still dont have any money yet for me to get it… *sob sob*

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……..blue bell so early..oh well till march, so its ok… and cool a chance to get transcendence or eclipse and free hero coinzz ..thankz though..no complain whatsoever…just too early..

  3. i forgot…so many hackers today..hope they already patch it so no jumperz and freezerzz…errr….

  4. hnnn, if i use zero and use increase skill will it reflect duelz energy blast or what you call it XD OHKO! ftw!

  5. Non boss Duel is a wimp. Just use “Protection of Fire” or “Increase OS” and he’ll kill himself. Wonder how tough boss Duel is…..
    I think I have enough money for a level 80 set for Zero, just gonna check to be sure.

    • looks like GCPH just got this angry boss for the first time, NAGC have their 2nd time already.Um….let me explain abit about angry boss, duel is the last stage of boss but you don’t need to fight him, he run away and you clear the stage, before that, after you clear all the stage of xenia, you go into the ‘chest’ stage, and you able to choose to go achimedia or atum

        • yup he just run away after few seconds (you don’t need to hit him is ok) and leaves items, I’m not sure the eclipse and transcendence drops here is 100% for GCPH, but NAGC is not 100%, sometime just pissed people off when they done it hardly and ends up no eclipse and transcendence…it takes half hours to finish the dungeon with teammate, solo takes roughly 1 hours….

  6. SPOILER WARNING: You will not have to kill Duel at the last stage, though he has 485
    lives, he’ll just teleport and leave items as he usually does.

    Oh, and the 6th and 15th stages give Reinforcement Release Scrolls!!! FTW!!!

  7. Is there any level requirement to enter?

    Oh and Im buying the gacha for the set itself only :3 i’ll make it into an avatar after my character outlevels it ;)

  8. IMHO, i guess the reason GCPH do this Cash burning event coz they need a budget to purchase those maps and characters, jobs and etc…though the problem is that..were having low population of gamers in this game..sadly…they need to put up a good way to bring the gamers back by having a good or should i say a better event that will make the players stay and to have a chance to get a decent armor without spending too much…perhaps they should make a better enhancement on the crafting section wherein we can break and get better stones though XD.. and plenty continent orbs. XD oh well im so RANDOM.!! go blue blink!!!! i mean bell!!

    • we don’t need some more better events right now.. we need a better management. better GMs that could really handle us and would actually care for the players and not just the kaching or whatever.

  9. another free char event just like October CCR.

    what form of Thanatos will i face in this event?
    is it just 3rd form?
    i hope its just 3rd form

    • flower festival event. Overtime means you’re over the maximum possible time to finish a dungeon, which is 60 minutes.

  10. Hmmm.. I wonder if the ‘new’ Eclipse/Transcendence would be of better size that their old versions. Got 3 Transcendence (Seighart, Ronan, Ryan) and 1 Eclipse (Lass) back when Duel in ThunderHammer was still able to drop them, and I must say, THEY ARE DAMN SMALL. One can hardly notice a character wearing those swords esp. when the cloak’s a bit large. Really wish they’ve made proper adjustments. ._.

      • I play in the PH server, and I must say they no longer do. It was announced officially back when the craftable armors (i.e. Thanatos armor set) and weapons using ores and the removal of the boss orbs were introduced. I am an avid item hunter, and I was aiming to get Zero his own Transcend+Eclipse, and hearing the news that they’ll be stopping the 2 swords from dropping from TH Duel really annoyed me. Unless you can provide evidence that they still do drop from TH Duel, I’m to believe the official announcement by LevelUp PH.

        • they still drop man. they forgot about it. they won’t care anyway? they removed the awesome E&T craft. at hnd dn nmn cla ganun kalugi. very low drop rate ung 2 swords. tapos ngaun.. iba ang E&T ng event so hnd pwd icraft ang s3 pieces -.- tlgang hnd lugi.

  11. I tried soloing this. I’ve reached Aron until my net time is up (It lasted for 94 minutes)
    It might take me (I hope) 2 and a half hours to finish this, but 14 hero coins reward? worth it!

  12. You will be receiving 3 tickets per day through your mailbox.

    ^ that announcement is removed by the management
    god i really hate our server.

    and they released the new gacha bec. of greedyness all they want is money money money..

  13. Just skip this event and will wait till next tuesday for it’ll be Zero’s 3rd pre-event!

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