[ GCKR ] Asin: Locked Skills Update – Trial Forest translation added

Trial Forest Story

Text version:

I dont remember exactly when it was, but it was a rainy day and I found someone injured.

I saved him, and it changed my life completely

I can destroy all those who oppressed and mistreated me with what he taught me

When he died, I got his name and was born again as Azin

It was you who the master spoke well of? I hoped it was grand, really.

But I know that defeating you will make me even stronger….Hahahah!

Videos for Locked Skills:

[kGC] Asin’s Locked Skills:

-more vids to come-

Dungeon Run with Rain Skill

Perriet Jr. / Perseo Jr. MP Test

Level 50 for the 4th MP bar.

Level 70 for the Hyper Armor

Level 80 for the 4 bar skill.

The Skill mission is 13 parts. Parts 4, 8, and 13 give the skills. You automatically gain the mission at level 50.

Part 1: 1 run of Xenia Border

Part 2: Kill 150 enemies within 2 levels

Part 3: 3 items from Samsara

Part 4:3 runs of Valstrath

Part 5: Hit level 70

Part 6: Kill 150 enemies within 2 levels

Part 7: 3 runs of Fortress of Ascension

Part 8: Complete a run of The Crucible

Part 9: Hit level 80

Part 10: Kill 200 enemies within 2 levels.

Part 11: Defeat Varon once

Part 12: Defeat Drawl once

Part 13: Complete Sanctum of Destruction


Asin Video Trailer


bGC Asin’s Teaser (English Subtitles)

Reuku’s Stream Video(from the recording)

Video by Shadow

Asin Additional Skill Test

Additional Skill tutorial

Asin 2 Kinds of Skill Activation Method Preview

Yellow Aura Thing Buff Skill :3

Kira’s Dungeon Run [ Xenia Frontier Dungeon ] & [ Ruins of Ancient Kingdom ]

Dodging Freeze Tempest with Asin

How to save Asin from death on some jump stages (by ArashiNoShadow)

Quick FAQ
Asin Skill Activation Method

ASDFG = Instant Skill same goes for like AP Character it will have a CD for the Skill
Basic Hold Z = Charge MP1 MP2 MP3 Skill Original MP Characters NO CD for Skills

You Have 2 Types of Activating Skills for Asin
Method A
ASDFG Style or the AP Instant Skilling
Disadvantage You Cant Spam Skill due to CD
Advantage Instant Skill

Method B
Basic Hold Z
Charging MP Skills via Original Method
Disadvantage no Instant Skill
No CD for Skills


Voice Preview

bGC Voices (With Subtitles)


Asin Story Images


Lv 80 Locked Skills for Asin
locked skills unlocked

New Gacha Set Preview

NEW SB Armor Set Preview

Other Things will be posted eg
Video Demonstration and stuffs when servers go up

-Shadow here o/

BLU!G just posted his weapon. The name is “Vembrassa”. In the original proposal, the weapon would be called Gloves ‘-‘

– Kira
/edited by Reuku
/edited by AnS

164 thoughts on “[ GCKR ] Asin: Locked Skills Update – Trial Forest translation added

  1. I like this character…
    But isn’t a bit unfair that they didn’t let another server create their own character…
    I mean, Rin is a brazilian character. So why not let other servers design their own character…

    • It is because the Brazil server happens to be the biggests Grand Chase community ever.

      Although that doesn’t seem like a bad idea kind of. I heard another MMO did something like that, I think it’s Lunia Online or something?

      • Nope Lunia online closed down but KMaple story is doing this they are letting GMaple Story make its own character in June.

        • Lunia has been closed 2 or 3 years ago because ijji bought it and was changing things. And they did have made a fan character, the character is Iris.

        • actually lunia is still around and lunia did 2 character creation event they were contest though us lunia made iris the flame witch and korean server made goan.

  2. This seems like Jin’s rival. It also seems like an upgrade from regular mp characters. To be able to have 5 skills for mp character. But I guess it evens out as his skills would have CDs. This guy might motivate me to play again once it comes out to NA.

  3. Why can’t we have a black character, all of them are either (it seems like) white or asian, no hispanic or black -_-

      • Lupus is a Bounty Hunter, which is also a Vigilante, which translates to being a CRIMINAL!! He works for himself, and doesn’t follow the Demon Laws.. Hence the scene where he drew his guns against Dio and Ley.

    • Well, seeing as how the game was created in South Korea, which is predominately filled with South Koreans, who are of the Asian Ethnicity, it would make sense that the characters would appear to be Asian. As for L/Rin being Tan/South American, it’s pretty obvious that she was designed by their community, which is why she has her style/complexion.
      It doesn’t matter what race the characters are, if you don’t like it the way it is, then don’t play. Lol
      First people were mad about gender locking, and now it’s the ethnicity of the characters??? WHO CARES!???!?!?

      • I Like it Nice..
        yeah that’s the truth, why play if u don’t like it?
        so lol.

    • Well, with Asians (considering its an Asian or more specifically, Korean game) there aren’t too many stereotypes you can display that would offend but so many, if even that. Same with Caucasians.

      But with Hispanic, Blacks, and Middle Easterns, they’d have to be very careful what kind of character to make because if you remember shows that G Gundam and Pokemon, and games like Megaman Powered Up, they’ve made some borderline racial stereotypes that ticked off many around the world. (i.e. Tequila Gundam for Mexico, Zebra Gundam for Kenya, Dragon Gundam for China etc; Jynx from Pokemon being recolored, and Oil Man from Megaman Powered UP being recolored to avoid racial insults).

      Another reason is that there are very very very few Hispanics, Blacks, and Middle Easterns in the Far East in the world (for instance less than 0.4% of Japan’s population are Blacks), so that means they don’t have enough exposure to all nationalities to avoid making a bad stereotype.

      One day KGC will probably make dark-skinned characters that will represent Hispanics, Middle Easterns, and Africans/Blacks. Unless you rather them go off stereotypes of gun-wielding Mexicans, spear-and-shield wielding Africans, or sword-and-turban wearing Middle Easterns, then its best we wait.

      • Just remember, its just free for KGC but not for the others servers.

    • Rin was free, as they promised, Lupus was free for a week in NAGC.. So, that leads me to believe that Azin will be free, or free for a promotion only.

      Sieg is free in KGC, and otherwise ridiculously easy to acquire on other servers..

  4. I can’t focus on your posts… I can’t stop laughing at the Gengars

  5. The upward kick thingy kinda reminds me of juri/yuri’s pinweel kick in streetfighter x tekken

  6. the name….it is salt when translated from Filipino to English….Cool character btw.

  7. Please add me to NAGC ?? .. ErikaxD is the nym .. tnx .. and who can asnwer my question ? the NAGC and GCH is the same ?? ..

  8. .. Oh my GOD !! my nose is bleeding !! because of speaking english .. am a filipino and i dont know much of speaking english .. LOL’z !! haha ! .. xD

  9. .. And last .. who is a filipino here .. please add me to GCPH .. KimberlyxD is the name .. tnx again !! .. have a nice game in GC guyz !!

  10. You cant say this charcter doest look like a grandchase rock lee. IT HAS A HIDDEN LOTUS AND LEAF HURRICANE….

  11. Just noticed: His Additional Skill Buff for 1st bar is exactly the same as the end to Jin’s 1st job 1st bar level 2 non-burning, but blue.

  12. Another lvl 80 Skill? Pbbt and I haven’t even hit 80 with my Lire yet…

  13. Wow,that skills looks awesome…
    I wish Mari’s Freeze Tempest had a snow effect for that long

    PS: Azin is CASH-ONLY in BGC,but there’s an event going on that if you play for 1:30 hour a day for 7 days you will get him for free,so unless you pay,you will play him next week only

  14. Brace yourselves, deleting ResFeedBack will be a norm for people with computers that has the minimum requirements to play Grand Chase…

    *kills self*

    it looks like a rip-off of Jin’s 4th job 3rd tier skill

    Dat bounce O u O, wish they’d do that to all characters

  15. Wait…

    If the 4th MP bar is a locked skill that was only released now…

    Why did some of the previous vids have him having 4 bars? [Admittedly not dungeon videos, but Practise Mode]

    Also,a 4th bar of MP is kinda a gamebreaking cash ability :/

  16. I wonder if KOG would add this kind of extended ability mission to the other MP chars, so that all of them will be equal, probably comes with 2nd class skill tree too.
    Oh one more thing that I want to ask:
    With shorter gap, does Asin charge MP faster than the others?

  17. Just imagine if La Geas had a 4th bar skill..

    Ayahhhhhhhhhhh! Ernas Mallet! Booooooooooom * Same explosion that decimated Calnat *

    • La Geas is over powered already… adding her an additional mp bar will make 80% of grand chase players quit the game. lol…

  18. xD the trial forest …. is kinda downgrading with the bounce sfx:D hahaha

    • I know that pic… It was fan made.
      they kept adding the new chara…. why don’t just complete the old chara’s skill tree…

  19. worth reading! maybe this is the storu of zeros 3rd/2nd job?

    V\[Long Time ago… where Time has not been even known]
    In the beginning the Creator of the universe, The Beginning and the creation of the whole elyos was in destruction and havoc
    Because of the Unique personality of Elyos. It was prevented to be surfaced and kept on the Underworld
    The Dorr dividing the Surface world and the Underworld Elyos was kept shut.

    In the beginning, in the prevention of making Elyos divided was the result of the Living Creatures there to have different effects and mutations from the surface

    [B.K. (Before Kounat ) 0,000 years – 0,000 years]
    A native of Archemedia Continent was told to descend on the Underworld Elyos
    Ernasis – the Goddess of War and Bravery, Risnar – The goddess of Mercy and Spirits, and Armenias – the goddess of wisdom and harmony
    The three goddesses created a way out from Ernas
    (Ernas came from the Name of the Goddess Ernasis)

    and Thus Ernas was created, at that time, Natives and races sprouted in the region. Elves, Dwarves, Tribal People.
    The three brave goddesses appointed a strong man to protect and maintain peace in the region.

    [at the same time. in the Underworld]
    An ancient group started a raid in elyos – Ancient War broke out
    Ancient heroes of elyos Duel von Zeke Avenger
    He wrecked the Underworld creating Genocide in the Underworld, Regardless of Alliance or Enemies

    Caught in the great War was the Legendary Reinhard von Oz madosa fighting for his life against the genocide of Duel von Zeke Avenger

    [In Ernas]
    at that time, Humans worked together to create the place of their Dreams and called it Kounat. and thus started the perfect Civilization for them, in the Meantime Other Humans fell in love with other races and making half breeds.

    Unlike the Normal humans, these half breeds have been made stronger that any other. Made use of Restricted magics and made control of Kounat

    [At the same time in Elyos]
    Reinhard von Oz Fighting for his life against Duel von zeke Avenger. he saw Duel’s Eclipse and remembered The magnum GrandArk.and he Managed to escape

    [In Ernas]
    Archemedia and kounat united and thus making a more powerful and magical civilization
    on the North lived the Dwarves and the Elves Lived inside the Civilization of Kounat.
    The Elves had progress in obtaining the Powerful Magic, and Dwarves specialized in Mechanical Engineering and technology was able to evolve.

    [In Elyos]
    Reinhard von Oz finally completed the Magnum GrandArk’s body. He created life to handle the Magnum GrandArk.
    and on that time, there was a feud in the Underworld in getting the hands for the Powerful Nucleus of Elyos.

    [In Ernas, 1 year ago]
    Kounat becoming a stable Civilization and Teritory. Kounat decided to have an Asmodian King to be declared to rule and protect peace in the teritory.
    Having the Teritory being stable, they’ve forgotten of the Three brave goddesses who made Ernas in peace. Armenias, Ernasis, and Risnar.

    [at the same time in Elyos]
    A miraculous birth of the new family members of two very powerful Families in the Underworld, the Burning Canyon, and the Crimson River.

    At that time the First outbreak of the War Between Elyos and Ernas has exploded
    [the Prologue of a Programmer named Mari ming Onette]

    The explosion of the War Between ernas and Elyos exploded because of a Girl named Mari, and her Soul Stone…

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