[ GCKR ] Grand Chase Eternal Update – Edel Frost | Frosland/Frostland | Dark Nightmare Gacha

Edel gameplay+4MP+all frosland dungeons

Vid by Shadow

Character Preview

Korean Voice

New BGM’s
Total of 7 New BGM’s

Practice Mode Loading Screen

Skill Icon

Edel Skill

Dark Nightmare Seal Breaker



Armor and Accessory

Dark Nightmare


Frostland/Frosland Map

New Dungeon Loading Screen

Cursed Garden

Soiled Basement


Specter Hallways


Betreayers Atelier


Dark Library


Arachnes Nest


Arachne Armor Set

Arachne Set

The World MAP

The World MAP

New Events

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GC Eternal Poster

Patch Note 07/18/2013

Date: July 18, 2013

Time: 02:00 to 11:00 (9 hours)

[New Event]
- Monster Card equipped with unlimited on / off event ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Select Item Properties Unlimited event ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Celebrate Season Eternal Event ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Edel 2P Limited Coordi Sale ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Edel Mini Doll Sale ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Dark Nightmate Gacha ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- New Savior and Sentinel Coordi Sale ( 07/18 – onwards )

[ Ongoing Events ]
- 10th anniversary of the Festival Loading fan art events
- The Birth of Edel Event
- Welcome back GC user events
- Summer Coordi Encore Sale
- 10 weeks trek events 

[End Event]
- Ryan, Ronan 환골탈태 이벤트 events

- Ryan & Ronan level up Events
- Ryan , Ronan , Amy & Sieghart NEO Coordi Sale
- Checkmate Gacha Encore
- VIP Event


10th Anniversary Wing

2P Limited Edition SetBlood Captain

Update Job Avatar Set for Elesis and Ryan



Edel Frost wearing Secret Kounat Set




New Gacha – Dark Nightmare


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– Kira

75 thoughts on “[ GCKR ] Grand Chase Eternal Update – Edel Frost | Frosland/Frostland | Dark Nightmare Gacha

  1. A demonized Aegis Templar?
    That rush and burst; DO WANT.
    Closest pet you can have to a pet version of Odysseus.

    Armor set, Arc Slayer, Hell Slayer, Doll (floats around), and now a pet.
    Five Templars onscreen oh my.
    One man army.

  2. Woah… The pet is Huge..

    > so it does the rushing move & the other a battlecry~~~
    the aura that hits upwards nearby foes..

    another 2x different skills (normal & Upgraded? )

    ..This or Sirius? (can’t wait for it here at PH :)

    • I forgot to tell, I don’t use the helmet, but since they’d probably re-release that I’m gonna buy some of the cloaks/mantles/what ever the names are in other servers.

  3. That Savior’s revamped hair. It’s like she’s saying “Hey! Look at meh new hair! Now I can go to Elsword!”

    And that Dark Nightmare set on Edel reminds me of some anime character I forgot.

  4. Sale la semana que viene Caotica, si ojala en la proxima (que es verdad va a ser asi) salga Elegida la 4ta clase de lin
    ID: diazivan
    Nick: IvanLoki

  5. Roflmao, that pet looks like a summon rather than actual pet. A video showing the pet’s dungeon application would be greatly appreciated

    • ~~ You look so SHOCK that it’s your first time to see me pierced by someone ~~

  6. The one with the Moon-thing is her 3rd skill??!! Oh my, so flashy and beautiful xD

    • Waaaaaait a sec, is that first part in the preview her first skill? Or is it a combo + tech-of-some-sort? :\

  7. Edel’s voice: Her voice sounds like a porn star, and I swear I heard her say something about shit and piss in there too. And something about ‘sucking it up’.

      • For the last time she was not taken by Duel. He erased her memories of her past that involves the Erenas Hammer then he left.

        He even warned Sieghart that he will kill him if anything happens to her before he left.

  8. “theme_arachne” would mix well with “UN Owen Was Her”
    just saiyan~

  9. *drools*

    is there a site that compiles the story of grand chase from the start and up-to-date??

    pls post some links!!

  10. omg alll that dungeons similars to Elsword lol, GC+Elsword fusion next update?

  11. Well…Elesis is taking a vacation in Elsword…so it may not be a surprise for an Elsword cross-over in GC.
    Is my favorite 4 letter word included in this update? (Free :D)
    And it feels I want to drink tea :3
    One more. Edel is a logical character… there a gun reloading time (not like shoot all you can XD)
    Lastly, Spiderman must really be upset for not being part of the Avengers team.

  12. So, Frostland is almost the same as Silver Island? cause the enemies ain’t that Freakin Annoying as the lvl 60+ above- dungeons~

  13. I believe I know why Mari isn’t on the poster. They will later have to find her in order to fulfill the 12 Disciples…thing. Which might lead to Mari’s skill tree :D? But more then likely not.

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