[ GCKR ] Grand Chase Eternal Update – Edel Frost | Frosland/Frostland | Dark Nightmare Gacha

Edel gameplay+4MP+all frosland dungeons

Vid by Shadow

Character Preview

Korean Voice

New BGM’s
Total of 7 New BGM’s

Practice Mode Loading Screen

Skill Icon

Edel Skill

Dark Nightmare Seal Breaker



Armor and Accessory

Dark Nightmare


Frostland/Frosland Map

New Dungeon Loading Screen

Cursed Garden

Soiled Basement


Specter Hallways


Betreayers Atelier


Dark Library


Arachnes Nest


Arachne Armor Set

Arachne Set

The World MAP

The World MAP

New Events

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GC Eternal Poster

Patch Note 07/18/2013

Date: July 18, 2013

Time: 02:00 to 11:00 (9 hours)

[New Event]
- Monster Card equipped with unlimited on / off event ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Select Item Properties Unlimited event ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Celebrate Season Eternal Event ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Edel 2P Limited Coordi Sale ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Edel Mini Doll Sale ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- Dark Nightmate Gacha ( 07/18 – 08/01  before maintenance )
- New Savior and Sentinel Coordi Sale ( 07/18 – onwards )

[ Ongoing Events ]
- 10th anniversary of the Festival Loading fan art events
- The Birth of Edel Event
- Welcome back GC user events
- Summer Coordi Encore Sale
- 10 weeks trek events 

[End Event]
- Ryan, Ronan 환골탈태 이벤트 events

- Ryan & Ronan level up Events
- Ryan , Ronan , Amy & Sieghart NEO Coordi Sale
- Checkmate Gacha Encore
- VIP Event


10th Anniversary Wing

2P Limited Edition SetBlood Captain

Update Job Avatar Set for Elesis and Ryan



Edel Frost wearing Secret Kounat Set




New Gacha – Dark Nightmare


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– Kira

75 thoughts on “[ GCKR ] Grand Chase Eternal Update – Edel Frost | Frosland/Frostland | Dark Nightmare Gacha

  1. Is it Edna the one in the practice mode? Please tell me what the hell is she doing there?

    • Edna has no meaning there…she was just added (just like Harpe) as a practice dummy…no meaning at all (she won’t be added as a character because her soul is connected with Ley’s soul)….

  2. A trade system would never work on Grand Chase, because, to start off, the game doesn’t have a high-valued currency. And as the best equipments are bought by cash (except for Berkas), cashers would have no reason to sell cash items to non-cash users. This would limit the in-game market to droppable items; but I think this would fail because all droppable items suck hardly, the only way to get good equips without cash is buying the Phantom Phoenix set with epic coins or crafting Berkas set. And there would be no point selling those items either.

    • I don’t care about that TRADING SYSTEM,..
      well, if implemented, I will love to be an account Hacker, as those Cashers rush their tears once I get their precious Items.. Buwahaha~

      ..just a negative side for Trading system

  3. is edel frost free?? what I mean is are you giving cash mission of edel frost in the event??
    I think edel frost will be the reason why quited chasers will come back :) for good again

  4. Where the hell is Mari in that poster?!?!?! And what the hell no one even noticed!!!!!!

  5. wow… i want edel and that pet.. >:) GRRR but im burning money in gc again.. >:P

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