[ GCKR ] Deputy Jack Jr Pet – Pet Skill Test -

Yeah just got this little critter
and will be added on my collections lol

Deputy Jack Jr~

Pet Skill 1 – MP Character Test –


Pet Skill 2 – MP Character Test –


– Kira

28 thoughts on “[ GCKR ] Deputy Jack Jr Pet – Pet Skill Test -

    • actually is same damage… first was on back…

      2nd has better range, faster and also puts a dot with an actual medium to high damage for being a pet

        • That’s such a small amount for such a tiny little improvement…
          I mean, it would be useful if your enemies line up in front of you…but that doesn’t always happen…

          I guess it would be useful for catching falling opponents in pvp…or pushing them off the gorge ==,

  1. this pet (pet skill #2) will definitely kill Talin Poolguard at Hammerfall stage. hahahhaha


  2. They should start making the 3rd and 4th jobs of Dio, Zero and Ley..
    It seems that other players got bored playing these Characters now…

  3. I have to ask but, how do you get this pet?
    Do you just run the Monster Train or something?

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