Zero Zephyrum

Name Zero Zephyrum
(Skill Tree)

(Skill Tree)

Gender Male
Age ???(Looks more than 20 yrs old)
Race ???
Home Continent ???
Hometown ???



Other magic tribes in the magic world who feared the Ancient magic tribes who were so powerful formed an alliance to take them down and started a fight with them eventually. Their cut throat fight saw no ending and went on for a long while. When ‘Duel Von Zech Avenger’, the owner of the magic sword ‘Eclipse’ enters the battle the fight takes a new turn. ‘Duel’, who fights without rationality, finds that the destructive nature embedded within himself  unleashed as the fights go on and starts destroying everything on his way, regardless of them being magic tribes or Ancient magic tribes. He disappears, and the barely survived Grand Magician ‘Oz Pone Max Reinhardt’  spends the rest of his life to create a new magic sword ‘Grandark’ that will surpass ‘Duel’s ‘Eclipse’. But ‘Oz’ could not tame the huge ego of ‘Grandark’ and starts seeking a new physical body who will be able to use the sword. After a long time, long enough for everyone to forget everything, an unknown swordsman called ‘Wanderer’ appears in ‘Ernas’. He carries a weird looking sword that nobody recognizes and destroys everything on his way, looking for traces of a very strong force. He comes across the Grand Chase in Xenia.


Zero’s unique abilities rest in the many stances he can adopt with his sentient sword, Grandark.

Zero employs stances in combat. Stances alter Zero’s gameplay, changing from his fast-hitting default stance, Freelancer, to slower but stronger stances in which he wields his mighty sword, Grandark. Through job advancements, Zero can gain access to more stances which further expands his gameplay.


  • “Will I find what I seek today?”
  • “Am I supposed to keep on fighting now?”
  • “Alright! Let’s do this proper!”
  • “Sorry, Gran.”
  • “Too slow!”
  • “I’m so sorry…”

Character Missions

Worn-out Zero Mission:

  • Slay Gardosen at Hell Bridge and collect 40 fragments of Zero’s Lesser Orb on Very Hard diffculty.
  • Slay Kaze’aze at Kaze’aze’s Castle and collect 40 fragments of Zero’s Greater Orb on Very Hard difficulty.

Zero Mission (Cash):

  • Acquire 1 Gem







39 thoughts on “Zero Zephyrum

    • It’s more likely to be elven. All demons have horns and a violet-purple complexion. Zero lacks horns and has creamy-tan skin.

      Both races have pointed ears, but demons’ are normally longer, plus the pinna lacks any ‘ripples’, unlike elven ears that do. This also restricts him from being labeled as a human.

    • He is a homunculus, he was created by Oz with demonic based DNA. He is closer related to demons than to elves but he is neither. That’s my opinion from all I’ve read, at least. e.e

  1. SGi is wrong to zero’s race…he’s an elf not demon….he isnt like nura cuz nura is a creamy-tan demon in the night…and ears…they’re short like lire and ryan’s ears…some demons got the purple-ish skin like dio (some illustrations) and ley…the ears are LONG

  2. are wrong
    -zero was not created artificially from the DNA of Oz, it is not official information.
    -oz influenced him a demonic energy zero so that it could control grandark

  3. I hope my suggestion gets considered by the makers of Grand Chase…if it isn’t too much…

    for Zero’s third job, maybe they can give

    an upgrade to his sword stance like:
    – faster sword swings (for faster combos)
    – “normal movement” (similar movements to his non-sword wielding stance) like being able to move freely and not “moonwalk”. make the him face the side where the player wishes to right away

    give him a new stance:
    – Granddark’s spikes and hilt becomes another sword allowing him to dual yield
    – this stance gives him more combos hits, and are much faster than his previous stances
    – maybe give this stance a handicap like not having the super armor status

    a new skill
    – dash for a long time towards the enemy (as long as the enemy is seen)

  4. (continuation)

    – dash for a long time towards the enemy (as long as the enemy is seen)
    – stuns the enemy briefly, but the damage is low, since a long distance is reached

    lastly maybe a final stance (with the commands: X X X) for his last job
    – this form is the fusion of zero and Grandark.Zero wears Grandark as an armor (if this will actually “be possible” and actually look good on him)
    – or maybe, this stance can replace the old initial stance (the non sword wielding stance) but with much more combos…then the other stances appearance will be affected because of this final change in zero

    • yea the teeth of the grandark will disjoint to it and will attach its teeth to zero.’s body, this gives zero super armor status for 30 secs and incrreased defense,,,you cant use grandcark for 30 secs but youlls use ure hands as weapons

      what do you think? is it awesome?

      • i thought of something better…since there are people going on about dio having a “rage” bar like Sieghart, why not just give zero a “grandark rage bar”
        all his stances are affected. He wears grandark, and since he is wearing grandark he can’t use grandark…so how will he attack using the other stances?…with all due respect to the devil may cry makers and players, it would really look nice if zero could be like Nero (from devil may cry 4) in his devil form. since grandark is said to have his own consciousness, i thought that the concept would can apply. Zero wont have any weapons, but the “spirit” behind wielding a weapon that matches his current stance moves exactly as he does. this is how zero will attack in his “grandark rage bar” form. of course the bar will deplete in time, and to give it a bit of a twist, every time zero does a non slashing technique like ‘breakthrough’, the “grandark rage bar” is discontinued/cancelled (but still affected in terms of power and appearance – similar to how sieghart is in his rage mode)since he has to use grandark to attack


      • actually…your idea was similar to mine :)) awesome!!

        …however, i find giving him a super armor stat via the ‘rage bar’ won’t be readily accepted by other Zero users since he already has two super armor based stances…

        increased defense…maybe it’ll be better if it were maxed out defense, though only for about 15 or 10 seconds, coz it’ll make him too overpowered

    • Ummm thats a bit OP dont you think if they ave Zero’s all those abilities then they must have to do something else with Dio Ley and all the other Ap characters

  5. so…i wrote this in the GC forum in my country (the Philippines), and i thought about sharing it. I decided to make a story on how he came to be in that job. And also, this is a story of zero being able to dual yield swords…just so you guys know :)

    3rd Job
    -Zero finds the key to unlock Grandark’s true potential. All his stances and combos for each stance are now longer, and can connect with each other. Dash attacks have been added to his other two ‘attacking stances’ (defensive stance obviously not included). (It’s not that i’m saying it was only my idea, but i like it when people agree with me with the dual sword stance :D ) He now has a dual stance that features him wielding two slim looking Grandarks (though i’m not really sure if everyone would want a “slim looking grandark)

    or maybe

    – Zero goes back to where his master was and finds a “chainsaw looking sword” (this just popped into my head). Grandark tells Zero that this is
    -either: The sword that will allow Grandark’s powers to be fully manifested (attaining the attributes I mentioned above) plus giving him a “rage bar” wherein Grandark’s spirit is manifested and is fighting behind Zero, moving exactly as he does (read my previous entries for info)
    -or: Grandark tells Zero that the sword emanates a mysterious power. It is still dormant. As Zero touches the sword, the sword comes alive (I don’t know which character/personality to put as the spirit of the new sword. Since Zero wants to beat Duel…it only makes sense that he needs two swords, since duel has two as well). The sword either: tries to take over Zero. Zero easily fends of the mind control, thinking it easy. But then the sword was just testing Zero. now the sword attacks full force. Zero is almost sucked in if it weren’t for Grandark reminding him how Zero overcame him. Remembering this, Zero and Grandark finally overcome the malevolent sword. The sword laughs, and says “I sense a deep bloodlust in you. “Wield me, and I will make that happen.”
    or: relieves Zero, making him calmer and giving him a better grasp of reality, thus taking away any unneeded recklessness. The sword then asks Zero to take it with him, as it recognizes Zero’s desire, and wants to help him achieve it. The sword says: “Wield me, and I will help you achieve your justice”.

    -The sword that will help increase Zero’s powers, giving him a “rage bar” wherein Grandark’s spirit is manifested and is fighting behind Zero, moving exactly as he does (read my first few paragraphs for info)

    4th Job

    Zero now wears Grandark, and wields a sword resembling Grandark in shape, appearance, and power. He has become one with Grandark, and fully mastered whatever grandark has to offer. Being one with Grandark he can now utilize every movement of his body and deal a fatal blow to his enemies every time. (note that this story is not related to the “sword with his own ego” that zero found)

    or maybe

    (now this is what correlates to the “sword with his own ego)
    Malevolent sword – Zero has finally been able to overcome the evil sword by himself. By sealing off his positive emotions, he has made himself numb to the mind control and hallucinations given by the evil sword. He has now become one with Grandark in order to completely control the sword has used some of Grandark’s powers to seal off the sword’s control and influence. By doing so, Grandark is able to receive the sword’s powers and is now able to fully awaken. Zero now wears grandark and wields the sword (maybe the sword should somehow resemble grandark, maybe it should not…personally i like a chain sword :D )

    Benevolent sword – Given power by the sword, Grandark and Zero now become one. The sword gives them peace of mind, yet skills which are extremely deadly in battle. Zero’s movements are now much smoother and precise, connecting beautiful combos. The three work in perfect harmony and have awakened their own dormant powers. yeah, this is basically it. i know it’s long:)) i also noticed while writing this that this could be the left and right paths for zero…so yeap…maybe it can be

    Personally for me, what makes zero is his inability
    1. perform smooth combos
    2. his AP bar was ‘modified’ making the execution of powerful skills harder
    3. His skills don’t give off as much damage as the other characters making him look weak in some dungeon runs(especially the heroic dungeon)

    please..if you have negative comments about this, please rephrase it at least. this is just what i think is more interesting to see. This is not what i want the game makers to do

    • The dual weild thing in my opinion is kinda dumb. A. It would resemble duell to much in terms of style and B. Grandark is heavy and he has to drag it. In terms of the combos increasing they will probaly increase his hand-to-hand and the way he attacks with grandark(like changing immediately grandarks form while still fighting with it and not using AP skills) I know from seeing the Korea site and video that Zero does get a “rage” bar similar to seighart and it covers Zero in what looks like a black shadow. Hopefully like other characters, Ap characters get new Enhancement/Enchantment/Extereme Skills like the mp characters. Now Zero’s race if you follow up on it is an “Ancient Demon”(Artifical) because if you remember correctly Oz did create him but he created him to match Duell and Eclipse meaning he would need something stronger than a normal demon so he created Zero using idk stuff(maybe body parts, Dna, magic,etc) of an Ancient Demon. Now remember Oz was also a demon so it dosent specify which side he was on just that he created Zero to defeat Duell now also remember that the war was between demons and Ancient demons which means that Oz could by either or. But Ancient Demon would make more sense in a way cause they were stronger but the other demons had numbers. This is partly speculation but it makes sense. Btw Duell came in and murdered all of them. Zero’s third job is called Banisher/Vanisher from the looks of it Grandark is taking control of Zero because Zero if you remember when he became a Seeker Zero’s confidence after seeing Duell at Thunder Hammer weakened and Grandark’s influenced grew even though Grandark didn’t want it to. Actually check that Oz fought on the Demons’s side and was a wizard so Zero may have been partially been created magically over a period of time. Also info check, Zero was created from the body of an Ancient Hero but still had demonic powers and i think blood and thus was referred to as an Ancient demon. To those people who think Zero is Elscud or a decendant of Seighart stop right there because Zero even says that he fought Elscud on his travels and most likely learned it while fighting him. Now to those of you who think that Zero is an elf you may be half right because the Anceint hero that was used to create him was possibly an elf and the blood and magic used to recreate him may have been a demon. Now also if some of you remember along with the eye(core) implanted into Grandark Zero was also implanted with a core by Oz to bring him to life and Void(Duell) wanted the core and Oz fought him off forcing to leave even though during the war Oz was almost killed by him. Now also some may think that using the ancient hero’s body Oz created a makeshift demon with magic and fortified him in a way that he would be able to use Grandark. Back to the Elscud/Seighart topic, If you look at his skills carefully you will notice that they may be similar or even reversed forms of attacks and skills that other characters can use so this may allow one to think that Zero has seen the other members of Grand Chase fight. I guess thats all for now and i will be posting updates.

  6. Zero is a demon. His body was created from the corpse of an ancient hero. That ancient hero was probably elven due to his skin color and ears. Oz didn’t make Zero from scratch.

    JUST LIKE grandark grows longer

    • Zero isn’t evil and neither is grandark. Zero dislikes fights but his goal is to surpass Duell so he is looking for more power. Grandark is a weapon that in a way combines with the weilder in body and soul to become attached and more powerful.

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