[ BRGC ] Discover more about the new character for Grand Chase

well this is a little bit of statement from LUGBR

Period: Up at 15.00, 19.09

Rumors about the character of Grand Chase to represent Brazil are spreading fast. We know you want to find out all about this new development that promises to revolutionize the future actions of the Corps GC, so we will fulfill your campaign with a rather special.

If you do not want wait and need to know more, go to our Facebook profile and see the mysterious image in the album “Grand Chase – Character Challenge Brazilian.” Click “Like” on page design to mark their contribution. But not only that. Follow our official Twitter @ levelupgamesbr retweets the phrase: “I want tips on character # GrandChaseLU Brazilian.” This will also serve to help spread the campaign.

If the goal of 1,000 “Like” is reached and the community on Facebook hit the mark of the phrase in 5000 retweets Twitter, we disclose proprietary information and first-hand about the heroin in 19.09. In addition, a special surprise will also come together with the news.

Participate in social networks of the shares of Level Up! during the period, to disclose to their friends and help ensure that the final goal is reached.

Team Level Up!

Hello everyone!

First I congratulate you all for and much to overcome target set to reveal some information of the character Brasiliera!

Here are some confirmed information of the Brazilian character!

– Does a female character! (some players would like it to be male)
– It is not the Nina! (Most of the questions / statements about the character was that she was Brazilian Nina!)
– She’ll heavenly powers!
– The character will use a new combat system unheard of!

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Original Text
Período: Até às 15h00 de 19/09

Os rumores sobre a personagem de Grand Chase que representará o Brasil estão se espalhando depressa. Sabemos que você quer descobrir tudo sobre esta novidade que promete revolucionar as futuras ações da Tropa GC, por isso, nós atenderemos sua vontade com uma campanha bastante especial.

Se você não aguenta esperar e precisa saber mais, acesse nosso perfil no Facebook e veja a imagem misteriosa dentro do álbum “Grand Chase – Desafio da Personagem Brasileira”. Clique em “Curtir” na página do desenho para marcar sua contribuição. Mas não é apenas isso. Siga nosso Twitter oficial e retuíte a frase @levelupgamesbr: “Quero dicas sobre a personagem brasileira de #GrandChaseLU”. Isto também servirá para ajudar na divulgação da campanha.

Se a meta de 1.000 “Curtir” for atingida no Facebook e a comunidade bater a marca de 5.000 retweets da frase no Twitter, nós divulgaremos informações exclusivas e em primeira mão sobre a heroína em 19/09. Além disso, uma surpresa especial também chegará em conjunto com as novidades.

Participe das ações nas redes sociais da Level Up! durante o período, divulgue para seus amigos e contribua para que a meta final seja atingida.

Equipe Level Up!

Olá a todos!

Primeiro vou parabenizar a todos por superarem e muito a meta estipulada para revelarmos algumas informações da personagem brasiliera!

Abaixo algumas informações confirmadas da personagem brasileira!

– Será uma personagem feminina! (alguns jogadores gostariam que fosse masculino)
– Ela não é a Nina ! ( a maioria das perguntas/afirmações sobre a personagem brasileira era se ela era a Nina!)
– Ela usará poderes celestiais!
– A nova personagem usará um sistema de combate inédito!

thats it enjoy


148 thoughts on “[ BRGC ] Discover more about the new character for Grand Chase

  1. a new fighting system? well i have to say something about this: if theres gonna be a new fighting system, it dosent mean they are finished with AP characters. When they released ley it didnt say that shes the last AP char. by the way there are more characters that wont make scense if they use AP like Elscud or Harpeh if they are gonna ever be released (i hope they will). and another thing is that its more interesting to have a rooster with chars. there should be like 20-40 more characters. imo its wery interesting to have alot of characters insted of 13 chars and being revamped by some time. wouldnt it be cool? and there wouldnt be any thinking of when will the game end. it wont end. Nor now nor later.

  2. What we know, its that it will dont be with MP, because they tell that Geas was the last job or character using MP

  3. Kay.. Why do BR has to have like lots of things to represent.. They already have the pet, and pvp map.. I mean srs.. Why the hell do they need the other one.. Im not saying it’s not fair.. But then.. You BR guys.. arent the only people here.. God.. you guys only think about yourselves..

  4. Can i Recommend?,can They make a character
    1st idea:
    *im thinkin’,the father of elesis? xD
    2nd idea
    *Like the Gunslinger’s overheat
    Just Sayin ^^

    • Additional
      1st idea:
      *Like jin,no swords(just S**T)
      2nd Idea:
      *GP skills(the one you buy in the shop(Like ryan))

      • Dude,this is not Call of duty.Next someone might suggest nukes…literally nukes.But the gun concept might be nice.you can change to melee mode and Artillery mode like jin’s 3rd job

    • Additional
      1st idea:
      *Like jin,no swords(just S**T)
      2nd Idea:
      *GP skills(the one you buy in the shop(Like ryan))

    • or her body.. she can molest any1, from monsters to players even in dungeon, u can have friendly fire rape..

  5. Take ashamed! Let us Brazilians, to create our beloved Brazilian character alone, the only thing you Americans have to do is wait it arrives in your country or get frustrated!

    KOG love, really love this company! So much so that we enrich this company!

    • Lol. I love how you’re being racist towards Americans. (Sarcasm) Gg, Brazil is making a character (MAYBE) that isn’t using Ap nor Mp. Tell me, what will they use then? smh. Quick to conclusions, I see. Tsk tsk.

  6. Hey, read my post, the possible image of the new character!


    In mid-polls and expectations, is considering several possibilities for the new character (so-called “Brazilian character.” That said, while noting the video interview of KOG ‘the MDC-HD, I realized that the 43-second video was something strange : a sketch colored with anything like this before in the character of Grand Chase, being below the mascot design Lezlie, a girl with white hair and short, with a gun and a peculiar energy. nothing is known about her, just had never been seen before here.

    For those who ask, it is not Hareupe due to Hareupe be a man (many thought, which, in cute little guy, was a woman). It’s up to you readers to decide whether or not it is a new character.

    Let it be clear that this is just a question. We do not know whether it is or not the new character, not even come into play.

    Want to confirm? See the original video:

    ~ edit.: Who told Rena that she is not, it is not. The Reindeer have long hair and greenish. Remember, we’re talking about the image of 0:43 seconds of video.

    edit ~ ².: The image of the white-haired girl is below the mascot Lezlie. So I repeat: a) Not Lezlie. b) It is rather about the Grand Chase.

    Total credits: Liz and Evesword Team (Viciados-GC)

    Kiss & Tell ~ Liz Miyama

    (to see the original images, and of course, the video where we can confirm it, visit the original topic: http://www.viciados-gc.com/2011/11/possivel-nova-personagem.html)

    • I type quickly and I ended up replacing keys. I’m sorry, in place of “Miyama” is “Miyami”.

      Kiss & Tell ~ Liz Miyami.

  7. Para os americanos, o bGC tem esse privilégio, pois é o servidor com mais players, então a KOG nos recompensa assim, e vocês americanos, já recebem mascotes e outras novidades antes de nós !

    For Americans, the BGC has this privilege because it is the server with more players, then the KOG rewards us so, and you Americans, and other pets already receive news before us!

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