[bGC] Lin’s 3rd Job Pre-Release & Lunar Eclipse


Look, I follow the traditional mode of job advanced. What I’m trying to say is:

kGC bGC / naGC…
Basic Job 1st Job
1st Job Advancement 2nd Job
2nd Job Advancement 3rd Job
3rd Job Advancement 4th Job

I follow the second mode for representing jobs. This post is for Lin’s 3rd Job in bGC or 2nd Job Advancement in kGC.

Well, with no more to say, here are the updates.

Loading Screen / Server News

The powers are becoming more powerful | The 3rd Job Packages are already available / New Sagittarius Anklet. Get the protection of this sign.
Until 12/04

The world ends in 2012?
Stop the end of Ernas in the Eclipse Event!
Until 12/18


Lin’s 3rd Job Special Packages (Light & Dark)

1 x Light Wing         or           1 x Dark Wing
1 x Light Tatoo         or           1 x Dark Tatoo
1 x Light Ring           or           1 x Dark Ring
1 x CASH 3rd Job Quest

Blitzchen Pet

To face the dangers of Grand Chase with the help of powerful allies, make sure you purchase the Blitzchen Egg Box during the event period. By using this ancient item that contains the power of the ancient dragons of Ernas, you will get a card from the mascot Blitzchen (Random Color) or a card of the Shadowy Blitzchen, the most powerful Blitzchen dragon, which is able to recover MP and AP.

And the best part is that you can craft the small Blitzchens into a even more epic creature. Just join four Blitzchen cards and combine them in the Secret Mari Lab Minigame, available on the events menu. By performing this process, you may receive a Piece of the Blitzchen Card or one of the two most powerful mascots, the King Blitzchen or the Shadowy Blitzchen.

Even if you do not get the adult pets through the lab, simply accumulate 10 Card Pieces to create the King Blitzchen and 20 Card Pieces to create the Shadowy Blitzchen, through the Crafting System. In the same system is also possible to create a Shadowy Blitzchen joining 3 King Blitzchen cards. Check out:

Blitzchen Egg Box

By opening this item you may receive one of four versions of Blitzchen or the Shadowy Blitzchen.

Price: 15 CASH

Attention! The mascots Blitzchen (Yellow, Green, Red and Blue) do not inflict damage in PvP, just King Blitzchen and Shadowy Blitzchen have effective attacks in that mode.

And the Lunar Eclipse (Check the top of the image above)

More prints coming later
Arashi No Shadow leaving

27 thoughts on “[bGC] Lin’s 3rd Job Pre-Release & Lunar Eclipse

    • They don’t know her 3rd job name yet. Stellar (from the LU!G staff) said that she may open a topic for us to give suggestions about a possible name for her job ^^

  1. owh owh owh owh owh.. right now my heart is beating fast when i saw this post.,. when i’ve seen rin 2nd job i’m extremely happy and now she got his 3rd job!! owh owh owh owh owh!! double the excitement!! can’t wait for her 4th job!!

    oh! but when i saw zero 3rd job post… i felt like… hmmm.,. no comment,., i wonder why?!? -_-

  2. Next week it’ll be released her 3rd job, so we deduced that that in 3 weeks we’re going to have Lin’s 4th job. Also, we’re not happy with this either, they’re releasing so many prĂ©-job kits every week and we don’t have so much money to buy it all. By the way, we can’t enjoy all a job can offer.

    • are u sure its rin 3rd job every new job change looks or something small to tell u its new job the picture they show looks like rin 2nd job picture i don’t see anything that change.

      if its rin 3rd job can u tell me what change

  3. I would have appreciated pet boxes like those for NAGC, really.
    Random reinforcement scrolls and Lezlie, plus that ugly set again?
    Come on, NAGC. /: all I want is Blitzchen.

  4. Can I ask? Can I get both skill of rin in 2nd job? the both awakening and of course the set?
    need answer . Thanks

  5. i believe this post just pertains to the package. so how could this pertain to her 3rd job? i’m currently defending my side with a friend of mine in fb since we’re debating on how this (and the page of bgc) pertain to the 3rd job when what was shown was just 2nd job packages.

      • you don’t get it it say 3rd job but 3rd job could mean 2nd job in koran 3rd mean 2nd job that could be same for this version

        if u look at the stuff they giveing out and the pic its 2nd job picture

  6. u think its rin 3rd job when the picture they show looks like rins 2nd job
    if it was 3rd job the look will change in some way but she did not change that’s why i still on rocks that this is rin 3rd job


      • okay i go along with you and believe you

        than how come rin both evil and light look the same no change at all every single job change even if its something small like hair or outfit but this picture they show looks like 2nd job so tell me why they look the same if its 3rd job

        • Are you even thinking? Let’s assume that the “3rd job” means advancement, that would make it the 4TH JOB for NAGC. So saying that 3rd might mean just the 2nd job, doesn’t even make sense.

          • if u look at the job witch i now know is really 3rd job it has no change in looks the only change i see is the wing and mark u need to buy for cash witch not that much of a change

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